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red flag???

Over a year ago I took a overdose of BP meds along with alcohol which landed me in the hospitol. I had been seeing a PCP for 4 yrs prior for neck and shoulder injurys, he had me on percocet 7.5/500. When I went for my appt. I honestly told the NP what happened, I was immediately taken off pain meds, told to get counseling with notes brought to them and I have not been able to recieve a pain med since. I have fibromyalgia and my rheumatologist would not order me anthing, I have raynauds disease and again refused to order anything, my primary care doctor will not order anything trying to refer me out which she has already done 2 yrs prior. Why am I being black balled because of a overdose attempt with Bp meds due to excessive pain and where do I turn to now. I desperately need help. Thanks so much.
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I'm not really sure there's much you CAN do?  Once your primary care physician put O/D in your files it's going to make any dr treating you leary of giving you pain meds? I don't even think changing PCP's will help. Perhaps you need to have a talk with your PCP about your pain levels, and tell him point blank, I understand I O;D'd but that doesn't change the fact that I'm in alot of pain?  Have you tried the steroid shots?
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