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Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for a rehab facility to get off pain meds. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Don't look up at the top of the page.  Stay away from waismann method of whatever his name is........I hear that program could end up like going to a visit to Dr. kavorcian........or however you spell his name.......google rehab/detox centers in your area.  I wish you luck.

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Google rehab etc. in your area. If you can't find anyone PM me (or Nauty) and we can find one for you.
Good luck and keep posting
you can do this
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I know someone who went through the Waismann procedure and he is doing excellent! It saved his life! What and who are you talking about? They seem to be the safest program out there!!
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I personally went through Waismann and cannot say enough about it> I credit them with not only literally saving my life but also giving me back a life worth living..If you have concerns, call them!
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whats the number an how much did it cost you
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Hopefully you no longer need this information, but just in case someone else is looking, I thought I would add this.

Finding A rehab is relatively easy and can be done with a Google search.  Finding the RIGHT rehab is much more difficult.

I would recommend starting with some general research on the different types of features that are available.   Then you should decide which of those features are important to you.  The next step is to find several options and see if they meet your needs.  Make a list of several facilities that meet your needs and get a list of questions ready so you can call them.
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I was heavily addicted to pain meds from literally 2005 to 2016 I would take over 10 a day easily of vicoprofen I have been off of then since 2016 and don’t desire them. I suggest weaning off of them slowly and it’s a ***** to get off I remember that
hey nic374.  That's awesome that you were able to get completely off and I'm glad you don't crave them. Did you pick up any other doc's after you quit?  Happens so easy.  What did you do to stop?  Rehab?  Or did you do it on your own?  You are an inspiration!
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