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relasped boyfriend

Let me start by saying I am an alcohol is 16 years sober, my boyfriend is supposed to be a recovering heroin addict. I was living with him and  caught him getting high on pot. I went out somewhere and came home early and he starting hyperventilating and had a seizue and would not let me call an ambulance and that's when he aditted smoking. I have been out of his house and live on my own after he kicked me out 2 years ago. His emotions are go up and down constantly. He comes from an addict family with 2 of his brothers in recovery and they work together. His boss brother at one point fired and set bounderies for his other brother when he relapsed.  I have had suspected him of using heroin for years now but he has purshessed 2 homes  and recently a new car also his boss brother has over 20 years clean . My question is how can he maintain credit and finances while using? Also I consider the use of pot as a definite relapse, Big history in denial but the family lives in it.( His youngest brother is the one he gets pot from he is not a heroin addict)
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Rush Limbaugh used opiates for 10 years and nobody noticed. I never lost my business or homes while using, it was detox that made me lose it all. As long as an opiate addict has a steady supply, many of them can function just fine. I would not assume pot means a heroin relapse and could be the cause of his mood changes. You can buy a drug test and a pharmacy or Walmart even. You have to catch heroin within a few days of using, but pot takes a couple weeks to get out if the system. He was sneaking the cannabis, so that is a red flag to me, what else is he hiding? Has he denied any other drug use?
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This is a really tough position to be in.  I can only share my story with you since it is somewhat similar and may help.  When I got married back in 1992, I was sober for 5 years.  I married a man who got sober to be with me.  That was mistake number one.  H e started using our first year of marriage and I stayed.  Mistake number 2 .  Flash forward 13years, I was depressed and then found out he was doing cocaine.  I was like a horse led to water but I chose to drink of the cocaine.  The weekend person always pulls the stronger one down in my opinion.  I was no longer sober and partied with my husband regularly.  I lost EVERYTHING, my kids, my car, my home, my family, myself, my mind and my marriage.

Needless to say, I divorced this man and I am now 6 years sober.  HIM, daily pot smoker and still a garbage head.  He has a good job and stellar credit.  Also, a great liar.

So, I don`t have an answer just a story..................

Today I am still working on my credit and I am a good person.  I assume that there are addicts who function and lose nothing.  I really don`t understand it myself.
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