is there anything to help with rsl i just started on clonidine from my doc but i here that wont help with rsl so can anyone help with a solution
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I was refered to an article in the health pages...pg 2 I think. I have the same problem, very severe. Check it out. Usually Iron deficiency apparently.
Good Luck
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I heard hylands restful legs (walmart) helps. Bananas and Lots of hot baths helped me. A mild muscle relaxer if you have some.
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potassuim and lots of it usually help. bananas, vitamin supplements with potassuim, some light walking during the evening hours helped me out and a hot shower right before bed help 1000%.  Try all of these tonight and see if that helps
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My aunt told me to put a bar of plain ivory soap under the sheet in my bed. Its not an old wives tale or anything. The ivory soap has something in it that draws the electricity in your legs. It works! Then you wont have to take a mean ole pill for it!
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hey all the hymans rls worked for me but the lightning bolts went threw my hands so if u can deal with the hands more than your feet then i would advise the hymans i am only on my 2nd day today but i am very happy for this to be coming to an end i am so ready to get my life  back in order i have 4 more days on clonidine then its all myself from there
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i  suffered with RLS from a very young age and tried everything possible to stop it, but i can promise you now the only thing that works is smoking weed. i started smoking weed at 16 and straight away RLS stopped, i am now 45 and recently stopped smoking weed and the RLS came straight back, but from 16 to the first day i gave up weed i never suffered a single night, THIS IS NOT A JOKE, i know how bad RLS is. you only need to smoke a joint before bed not all day, i guarantee you it works
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i just wanted to add that i only had a joint at night i wasn,t a pot head  and if there are any medical professionals who work trying to find cures please look into what i have said, it really does work and it has been proven that weed does help with other medical conditions.
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magnesium helps-I have been drinking a hot magnesium drink called Calm-it works.  Stretching helps as well-which is freaking hard when you feel like death(:  Keep well.
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