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the doctor put my husband on seroquel for anxiety.  i was on them last year from my psychiatrist for sleep. of course i can't gauge how they worked because i was just adding them to the stew as it were. his are extended release. mine were not. the doctor gave him samples to last 1 month. he seems to be doing well on them, but i know my husband. these are going to be expensive even with insurance. if he decides to stop taking them how  can he taper off since you aren't supposed to break them up, or will he not need to taper? i guess i could check with the pharmacist, but some of us could be pharmacists with all we know about pills plus real life experience taking them. thanks. sway
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HMMMM...you know my DR would not give me Clonidine for sleep, only Seroquel.
Mine must be just regular Seroquel because the lable says they are 50mg & the directions are to "Take 1/2 Tablet PO Nightly at Bedtime".
I got 30 for $25 because of our insurance.
I wonder if he & I will need to taper? I hope I don't need all 30 before I can sleep???
But I bet he & I will get rebound insomnia when we stop. I hope not.
So far, if I just take a 1/2 one I don't feel anything, they just help me sleep.
What do you think?
I'd ask the DR over on the other forum, but he ripped me a new one the other night & I just don't want to deal with him!
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extended release seroquel starts at 200mg, sway your husband may need them so i wouldnt push for detox if his doctor feels he should take them
you can call astrazenica for free medication, or make an appointment with mental health and file for their patients assitance program
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thank you. he says he is pretty sure he wants to keep taking them, so i guess i will get informed as much as i can via pharmacist and dr. he wants to have an rx on file w/ cvs cuz he is a truckdriver and is probably going to run out of his samples in a few days and does't know where he will be then. my mission for the morning is to get pills for somebody i love for the right reasons. legally. wow! that's a switch! i think i like it!
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sorry i was wrong, the drug rep from astra told our facility that ex started at 200
just found out its 50 not 200
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honey, you don't ever have to be sorry for trying to be helpful! i appreciate all your help everyday! sway
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