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severe depression

Can anyone tell me if suboxone helped with depression??? I have PTSD and chronic depression, been on every anti depressant under the sun...nothing worked...Then started on Suboxone and Wellbutrin from my doctor and felt so much better....I have self medicated for years to stop feeling so depressed and became addicted to opanas and hydro for two years and then went to doctor to get help to stop...that is when I got prescribed Suboxone. I had no idea it was going to be hell to get off this med. I have cried everyday for 6 weeks and thats just from decreasing my dose. I started at 11/2 films a day ...now down to 1/4 film a day...Ive had chills, sweats and vomiting. Along with no energy and feeling hopeless. I need some support, thats why Im writing this post. I have no one to talk to about this and am extremely depressed. Any advice would be good???? Thank you.
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I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time.  Sub can be tough to come off for some people.  Are you talking about 1/4 of an 8mg strip, or a 2mg strip?

Just like coming off any opiate, there is an emotional w/d as well, and depressive symptoms are common.  Obviously, that's going to be worse in someone with a history of depression.  Have you ever tried therapy for an extended period of time?  Therapy really can be so helpful in teaching someone how to cope.

Are you on a sub program, or doing this on your own?  One possibility is you're tapering too fast.  It's usually better to allow a person to stabilize in between steps down.

Try to hang in there...if you have a sub doc, definitely discuss these issues with him/her.
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I am on a sub program. I have a appointment to see my doctor in two days. I finally broke down and told my mom about the situation and she has no clue what Im going throught. She is terrified of my depression. I have been hospitalized for depression several times. I just want to be drug free. I dont have the money for counseling at this time but have had counseling before. It really just made me even more aware of how messed up my emotions are and wanting to just be normal. My father committed suicide when I was very young ( thats where the PTSD was from)...it seems like the doctors just keep giving me pills. I know there is no real cure for depression or addiction..but is it wrong to just stay on suboxone so I can live a some what normal life????? I really feel so lost and guilty for being this way.
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I take the 8mg film  so I went down to half a film per day then to 1/4 of a film a day. I think I may have to go back to 1/2 a film cuz of the depression...I CAN NOT HANDLE THE DEPRESSION. Physical pain is not the issues..Im use to that, its the emotional stuff I can not deal with. My daughter see's this and Im so worried how it is affecting her..I dont want her to end up like me......miserable all the time.
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I was contemplating going on Suboxone, which would be supervise dby my doc. I am tapering off 250mg  Percocet daily and some Xanax..Everywhere I looked it seems like its some wonder drug but if it only prolongs the pain maybe its not the right thing for me. Thank you so, so much for posting this..How long have you been on sub? My doctor said it takes a year to get off of suboxone. Why did you decide to stop taking it? Just got tired of it all?
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I am so anti suboxone it's rediculous. It does have POTENTIAL to be effective when used properly, like in a relatively short term detox. I attempted to come of heroin using soboxone (years ago) and I listened to the Dr. and didn't speak with people who had experience. Most of the Dr's would rather keep you on it long term and have a steady paycheck coming from you or your insurance. But I digress, the issue is once you've been on it for more than a couple weeks, you're physically dependant. Once you've been on it long term (for me around a year before I gave up and went back to heroin) then it's effect becomes less impactful. I could take an 1/8th strip (1mg) or 2 full strips (16mg) and the effect was the same, I wouldn't have withdrawls but I would still experience anxiety and depression. I never felt good about anything in life and it's almost as if once my body became used to suboxone, it made me annhedonic (unable to experience joy). My detox from lasted about a week before I said F it and went back to my DOC. It can be a long one and since you've been on it for a while (Ithink?) I would make this is slow and gradual a detox as possible. Because even jumping from 1mg was painful for me, but it changes for everyone. I wish you the best and post here or send me a message if you have any questions.
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Well Suboxone is a miracle for me...Ive never been able to stay clean and when I found this doctor and started on subs it was great. I did not get high, just felt good. No withdrawals, no guily from using illegal drugs and was able to work without worrying about failing drug tests, etc. I have been on subs for over a year and for financial reasons need to get off. That is really the only reason for me trying to taper off. I think for me anyway suboxone has returned my life to normal. I did not no that I would have this kind of withdrawal however. If subs could be used like other meds I would probably just stay on them until I die. I can not risk relapsing again. It has cost me my family, 120,00.00 in reehabs and my marriage. If you need to stop using and can not tolerate withdrawals then it will help. Just be careful and start at a low dose..as low as possible. I think it truly is a miracle drug. Its just tooooooooooooo expensive.
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