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    I am posting this because i believe it ya'll.I had 28 hour away from the demon (oxy's).put I screwed up and did a 40 about 45 mins. ago Damm i feel so much better but I am bad that myself too How am I going to be strong enough to do this.I don't see the light.I will try again starting in the morning.My wife is in the same boat, just like me.Why does it have me so bad and will i ever me able to do it.I think we will have to do the methadone or just be the junkie's that we have been all our lifes.This really ***** but at least I feel better than i did.Even after 28 hours without it I had the sweats and the cold chills and tried and I mean tried ,couldn't write anything until I got the demon in my system.Should wanted to tell ya;ll what i was going though.I will try to write Friday when I have doning  I love ya'll for letting me write what I feel  Please pray for us  Sickofit 586
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sickofit you can do it i kicked a 13 year heroin addiction and so did my wife. Its not nice but very doable if ya all want it bad enough. Methadone well if you run out of methadone man youand your wife are going tofeel w/ds you never felt possible that is one of the hardest drugs to kick just as hard as heroin if not worse. You have to want it bad we did thats why me and my wife kickedheroin im 44 my wife 43 if we can you can I wish you the very best of luck to ya and ill keep you in my prayers tonight again good luck ,,,,,,,James
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Yes, After you make it that first day just say to yourself hey i never have to do the first day again. Keep doing that and by day 4 or 5 you will have the motivatiion to continue to stay clean. Dont give up any of that clean time.....the way i look at it NOW is that I/we are prolonging the enevidable(sp) One day you will HAVE to quit or die one of the two so why not do it now. In a month you will wonder why you didnt do it before, but if you dont then when the time comes that you do you will wish you had done it already. Good luck my friend to you and your wife and be strong....you want it or you wouldnt be here so keep posting and getting support.
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    thanks so much for writing me.Its so hard and I know ya'll know.One of the things that dies me is the want.its crazy we this want and want.We did coke for years in the early 90's but when we wanting off,of it we just said thats that and we haven't had it but maybe once or two times since then.And then with the meth(speed) it was easy to give up but this demon little pill I can't believe I let this control me so bad.Like I said torrom. is another day and I will try again.For got to tell you I couldn't even sleep last night but did get about two hours sleep then wake up.Then get two more hours maybe is that normal.Well good night and I will write torrom. around 12:00 or 2:00 Enen if I am sick Please pray for us   Love always sickofit(Jim and Steph)
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The sleep thing is totally normal. My prayer will be said for the both of you.
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Hey dude well you made it thew the first day and got a taste of whats to come...
your not the first one Ive seen give up after a day ...but you got the right idea
start again tomorrow ...YOU CAN DO THIS...its going to be a grind but look at it like getting the flu nobody wants it but it happens and it usually last for several days
most people start to see the light around day 5  it is a short period of time considering the rest of your life...you need to get rid of all the pills you got left...I don't think anyone can do this with the temptation of having the pills around it way to eazy to take one when your feeling like he!!...learn from your mistakes thats what just happened to you keep in mind it is only temporary and will pass with time...come on here and get some support were all here to help ...pray your heart out to god ...you asked me to and I will God has mercy on those that call out his name and he was instrumental when I went thew my withdrawals ...take a long hot soak in the tub it helps with a lot of the symptoms and try not to get discouraged this is something tuff to do...but it is doable its just going to take some perseverance and time...good luck and God bless...Gnarly          
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James is right about the methadone,don't go that route ,only as a last resort.Now I am almost off it,and it takes a lot longer than 5 or 6 days no matter how you do it.      karl
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