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Hi all,
Just a quick question...when you all came off did you all have trouble sleeping? or were some of you able to sleep though it. if you don't mind sharing...what was your worst wd? and why?

xo D
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I'm on day 11 c/t from 240 mg/day roxicodone, your not going to sleep the first 2-3 days but then every day gets much better.. Last night i sleep from 1:30am-4:00am / 6:00am-6:45am...
Get you vitamins ready and absolutely no caffeine, I promos even a little bit will make your hart race=anxitey and no sleep..Start walking asap that will help the RLS...Good Luck Friend!!!!!!!
            Please give it a try........
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When I first quit I slept for atleast 12 hrs straight. After that though my sleep was horrible. My worse WD is most definitely the anxiety though. I have a horrible tendancy to "live in my head". I work myself into panic attacks.
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I am on day 2 of WD's from Norco, and obviously trying to find any reason I can to not stop.

Anywho, the worst WD is most likely the restless leg syndrome. I took Gnarly_1's advice and bought some medicene for it today. I am going through the second worst for me right now, if I get up, I feel dizzy and my head pounds.

I think you are asking this because you are preparing. So far, other than hating life LOL, the best I have prepared is getting the stuff from the Thomas recipe, a protien shake that has all kinds of amino acids, garlic pills for my high blood pressure, psuedophedrine for my nose problems and potassium pills for RLS, plus that medication from wal-mart.

I dont' sleep good, but, I take the vallium which probably isn't the best idea or best idea for some people. My vallium prescription is from the begining of december. Those things are only good for sleep so I didn't have a problem not being addicted to them, BUT, some people do.
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