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smoking opium/painkillers on tnfoil?

Hi:  My son had a painkiller addiction and had been on suboxone for several years and weaned down to none about a year ago.  A few months ago I found squares of tinfoil with black lines. There were several lines up and down the tinfoil sometimes going in circles and sometimes straight up and down.  They were very black and about a quarter of an inch.  Obviously the tinfoil was lite from the bottom and there was also an empty pen part found.  When confronted he said that he was smoking opiates.  Is that even possible?  He told me that pain pills are made now with a gel in them to make it harder to abuse and that people have found out how to extract the get from the pain pill?  Is this even true?
He says he was only doing that for a few months.  He went back on suboxone for about 6 weeks.  He lives in my home and he is 33 years old.  I told him that I have to meet with his dr. to make sure he is passing his drug tests otherwise he will have to move out of the house.  He swears he is clean now, but I am still very worried.  Could he have been smoking crack or herion.  Does anyone know where can I find pictures of this online.  Thanks for any information.    
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It is bad whether He is smoking oxy or heroin . They are both basically the same thing. I wouldn't even bother splitting hairs about whether it is H or pills. Bottom line is He was using and if the stuff is still lying around I doubt it has been lying around long. A lot of times we think we are helping when we are in actuality only preventing consequences. Don't let his addiction become YOUR problem.   There is also a forum called living with an addict that you should check out .Sorry about all of this you are going through friend
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Ricart really said it best! Best of luck to you!
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Hi there and welcomeI don't have any personal experience, but I have heard of people smoking their pain pills (opiates). So, it is possible he is smoking that or Cocaine or Heroin. There is another forum on this site called Living With an Addict. You might check it out. You will get lots of advice and support. I wish you all the best with your son. I'm sure this must be extremely difficult. Take care!
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Hi there-  Is he taking SUBOXONE now?  And you're worried about him taking both? I'm trying to figure out why you're wondering about all of this now when you found the foil months ago.  I think he's telling you the truth about the foil and, as Ricart said, it doesn't matter if it's H or oxycodone...it's bad and it's indicative of serious addict behavior.

What's happening with him now?  I don't know if there are videos of people smoking Oxy but there probably are...Go to YOU TUBE VIDEOS and type in Smoking Oxy in the search bar.  

Let us know how you're doing and how we can help...
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Hi, I'm not just wondering about it now, I have been wondering since I found it, but I just found this forum to talk about it.  When I first confronted him two months ago, he went back on sub for about 6 weeks and the last 2 weeks he says he is off everything including sub and I wonder if he really is.  I worry that what I found is crack as I have heard that is the hardest drug to beat, but I don't really know all that much about smoking drugs.   He has agreed to let me and DH meet with his sub doctor to discuss all our questions so I guess that is a good thing.  Otherwise, I would have to have him out of the house as I know that I am only enabling him letting him stay here.  I am going to check out the forum about the living with an addict.  Thank you for the suggestion.   He also has a drinking problem and I have been going to Al Anon.  He is not drinking right now (that I know of)  He is also on Vyvanese for severe ADHD and is seeing a psychiatrist for that.  Thank you all for your help and concern.  I really appreciate your input.  
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I really do not think it is crack .Crack is almost always smoked through a cylindrical pipe  .  The running pattern on the foil also is indicative of Heroin or oxy.  I have used and abused pretty much every drug their is and in my opinion the opiates were the hardest to get off of.  It sounds like He has a LOT of substance abuse issues .
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Thank you so much for your reply.  I just want to know what I am dealing with here and can't get answers, but you seemed to have helped me understand.  I really appreciate you taking the time.  
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You're welcome friend . What answers are you speaking of ?  which dug is on the foil ?  We just can't be sure but I think you know it is not good no matter what and just the facts that He is on Vyvanse,which by the way is basically methamphetamine, and that He has a drinking problem and is on sub,which also can get you high, all leads me to believe that He is no where near "in recovery" .     If He was on sub and sub only and was working with a counselor and weaning off of it,I would say different but this is all adding up to be a bad situation .Have you ever been to an alanon meeting or checked out the "living with an addict" forum.    As for the foil question,I would say that it is an opiate that was being smoked on it but it really does not matter when He is already known to be on all of these other substances.   If He really is off of the sub and everything then that would be great but that just sounds too good to be true. If He is willing you should buy a 12 panel drug test at walgreens and just find out the truth.  Sorry You are going through all of this.  I know it can make one sick with worry and I really feel for you.
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I think it's great that he wants to bring you to his Sub doctor but I understand your concerns now...   I doubt he was smoking crack, as well. It's not usually smoked with foil. I know this from watching all those episodes of "Breaking Bad"...

If you want to be sure he is absolutely clean, give him a drug test. You can purchase a kit at Walgreens and other pharmacies and he should understand why you want him to take it. I know how hard it is to trust someone with a history of addiction. It will be easier in time, once he has a fair amount of clean time built up.

Good luck and post anytime-
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We were writing at the same time and, once again, great minds think alike...
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LOL !  Yes Vicki !   ;)

Concerned I am sorry I missed where you said that You are checking out the living with an addict forum and it sounds like you know the drill as far as alanon says about enabling ( that is great )   I hope He is clean like He says and I hope everything works out for the better.  I hope meeting with the sub doctor can shed some real light on what is going on .  Best wishes friend
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