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is one of the side effects of withdrawels sneezing?  I have allergies anyway, but the meds that usually help aren't cutting it now that i am wd'ing from norco.  if so, how long does it last?
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Yes, sneezing is part of withdrawels, and probably lasts the 4-5 days. No one seems to know why the sneezing thing happens.
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thanks.  couldn't figure out why my antihistimine wasn't working.  i didn't have this problem 9 months ago when i quit methadone, norco and xanax at the same time.  now it's just norco again, as i couldn't take the pain that got me hooked in the first place.  hopefully i can take it this time!
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Normally I'm a 3 sneeze kinda guy...  Just like clock work.  If I sneeze I would bet a paycheck that it will be 3 times... not more, not less.  Unless of course I'm going through WD's.  Then it's anybody's guess how many times I'll sneeze... anywhere between 1 and 10.  It's the ONLY time I sneeze more or less than 3 times.  It's kinda weird but then again I kinda like sneezing for some reason... That's kinda weird too.  :)

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Yep heard alot of complaints of "when will the sneezing stop"?
Glad you're here. It's a great place to get help I promise it will get better every day you don't use.
God Bless
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I think I sneezed all day for a month. That and the yawning really got on my nerves
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Sneezing is one of the first s/s of w/d.  I'm normally a two-times sneezer.  I sneeze three times with this, occassionally 5 times.  I'm at day 24 and still doing it, but also have lots of other s/s.  This will be different for everybody.

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