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sponsor changes/relapse

I needed to let my Christian Sponsor go yesterday because she kept bringing up her issues with my spiritual practice and how I relate it to the program.  She was not able to see past this and held judgement in her heart.  I am chanting daimoku for a new teacher and continued peace.  Worried about maintaining a strong program (I also have a sponsoree)/relapsing. Major problem:  The sponsors available are Christian only.  I am afraid of getting hurt again.  Anyone else have this experience?
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any true sponsor should realize it is a "god of our own understanding".  I would point out that she needs to re-read this area of the big-book if thats what you use.  Spirituality is a very individual subject and anyone who shuns you for your beliefs needs to take a look back at themselves.  When you do find a new sponsor, make sure this is brought up right from the get go.  Keep going to meetings and meet new people.  There are more out there, just keep looking.  Good luck
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As a matter of fact, yes.  For me, I found it best to seek other means of support based on my experiences with the associations I had been involved in.  Also remember that, not all christian sponsors will feel the same as your old one did.  Talk to some of them, feel them out about how they feel... If you still run into the same ignorance, you may have try other methods of support.  i.e. counseling, support groups, switching programs  As long as you stay committed to your recovery NO MATTER WHAT  you should pull through this just fine!!    
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Wannabefree is right,don't let this stop you,take her advice and find another sponsor and make your feelings known from the get go.Going to meetings is such an important part of my recovery.I wouldn't let anyone interfere in that and you shouldn't either.Keep looking....I wish you all the best.Peace.  
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I must have missed one of your posts,,what kind of program are you in?
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Just remember abunch of well people didnt come to  meetings to get sick..Just cause someone says they are or will sponsor you doesnt mean they are well yet.Take your time and maybe ask someone to be your temporary sponsor while you make sure to pick out someone you like and respect,
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maybe you should find a non religous based group..there has to be something out there..just know that all christians are not like that, so please don't let that deter you..

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yes corey411 just had a bad ex. with sponser but is still going to the n/a meetings maybe you two can share with this!!! hope it helps im sorry this happened dont let it get you down! stay strong!!!    sherri
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