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staying clean

Well , day 5 at 4:00 today will be 6 days, why do seconds seem like minutes and minutes seem like hours I will be completly drug free, after all your advice my wife bought some milatonin had 3 hours of full sleep, still have not eaten regular food due to the SMELL WHO WROTE THAT SONG IN THE 60'S. Anways thanks for the support
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HI raywahsi, as addicts that are in the early stages of recovery, for some reason we expect miracles to happen within minutes of our lives. We turn our attention to time to heal instead of staying busy and letting time take its tour. Stay busy, do some things to get your mind off the clock. congrats
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Congratulations!!!! 6 days is an eternity! Go slowly. Occupy your mind. You are doing GREAT!
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Thanks so much, I CAME IN TO WORK AT 3:30AM TO KEEP BUSY, lets all stay the course
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You bet, I  am trying my hardest this time, since my wife is helping me for the first time. Hope all is well and as I say stay the course
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