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staying clean

Why after so long staying clean over 6 months . This is so hard a woke this morning and i feel like am in full w/ds i dont understand this. i feel like a want to use but know a cant plz help im so weak today ,,,,James
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If you have been clean for 6 months it couldn't be withdrawals. You may be having a mental craving. You need to figure out how to work through cravings. Try listening to some soft music in a dark room, try going for a jog, do something that you enjoy doing, try different things until you find something that works.
Are you feeling physical symptoms? If so, maybe you are coming down with the flu?
Hang in there James! You have come too far to turn back now!

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James, hang in there!  There are other things that can cause those feelings.  Go for a walk!  It always helps me!!! : )  Are you doing your aftercare?
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no aftercare now maybe a should go back thanks guys James
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Hi James,

Hope you're not getting sick! As far as the cravings, find that place in your head that reminds you of how much better you feel, look and probably smell (lol) and dont let the craving fester. It WILL pass...

Life is so much better clean, isnt it? Tell us why your life is better after 6 months, will you??

Miss you!

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HEY James good to here from you...been a wile.....hows Kim doing ?? as for the cravings they can hit at any time thats why they say we do this ....''just for today''....im a firm believer in aftercare and a close walk with God thats whats got me a little past a year clean now
get plugged back into aftercare...It was smart of you to post this today where always here for your support hang in there bro you will get past this your friend Mark
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Ok, James....you are going to need to get into and STAY into some aftercare.  I want you to stay clean, and that's gonna be the only way for you, I think!  SO DO IT!!!  Don't make me come kick your butt!!!!!!!!!!  Hugs....Lea Ann
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I dont want to use but its all i can think about Im in the house myself and feel very weak.I dont want to let myself down now but this is awful and realy hard thanks for the support guys and gals ,,,James
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I have those days.  I try to keep busy and post here a lot.  You did the right thing by telling us!  It's hard being alone with those cravings.  Get outside and get some fresh air.  Take a shower.  Cook.  OR....me and Vicki's all time favorite, vacuuming!!!!!!!!!  It works for me everytime!  Just do something so that you are not sitting still, thinking about using, ok?
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LOL Kim would love that haha i think il try a book or somthing thanks Lea-Ann
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Good that you posted, James ... :)

You will get through this day, trust yourself !! hey, it is not a  bad idea this of cooking... you could try a spanish omelette :)  It takes time peeling off the potatoes, frying them and so but it is easy !! come on, start peeling potatoes or vacuuming... do something you haven't done yet :)
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Hey James we will get thru this togeather! Thanks for bn ther for me! We will make it out a lil stronger bc of this day ! Ur freind ...<3 Angie
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James  you must continue with your aftercare,it is the most important thing for staying clean.
You are doing so well ,using is never an option.
Keep Busy and Take Care James

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I was thinking about you today and wondering how you are.
Cravings and thoughts hit all of us...but we just can not give in.Sometimes when my feet and joints hurt I think about opiates,but there is too much at stake for me to break down and if I do I will be back in the mess all over again.
You have done well so far fighting the urges and continue to fight for you and I know that a clean life is far better than a life using.
In fact you have done a phenomenal job and I am proud of you.
Hugs from across the ocean
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