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staying off meth

I can get off however staying off is an issue.  Sometimes its a month or two and sometimes its a week or few.weeks. its ruining everything and I don't know what it is that makes me pick up, and if the thought occurs what to do to make sure I don't do it. I have been told stay busy. I have no hobbies I work alot and thenn kids etc I struggle with finding anything that I enjoy doing to.get me through the times when its just me myself and I. Which is my worst enemy next to boredom
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Hi bassa, I would recommend some type of aftercare program.  Something like AA/NA meetings, counseling, church groups, etc.  This is critical for long term recovery. In aftercare you will get in person support, and the tools you will need to help you stay clean, and help prevent relapses.  Recovery is a long process, but it is so worth it. Quitting is only the beginning.

Take care.
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Totally agree w/sonrissa.   Staying busy aint going to cut it, obviously thats not working. You must do some form of aftercare to stay clean. I dont find, in most cases, it works without aftercare.
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hey bassa, i am unsure if you mean crystal or methadone.  maybe that is a dumb question.  im thinking you mean crystal?  if so, i know that is super hard to stop doing.  for me, and i was only addicted for about half a year, it took major things.  i wrecked a car on it and did many other things i would never do under normal circumstances.  it sounds like you are almost totally driven by obligations.  can you go back to an earlier time in your life, like when you were a teenager, and think of something you truly enjoyed doing?  even if you had at least one thing ... you could build on it.  then you would have something you could call your own, something better than the drug.  i also agree with Sonrissa, you need aftercare in a major way.  You need tools to help you combat this addiction.  keep posting for support.  :)
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My cousins did that **** all day long and stayed up weeks at a time and then crashed for a week. One cousin stayed addicted and he's been on it 7 years. My other cousin kicked the addiction!!! He quit and slept for a week and smoked a lot cigs and would just play video games all day and force himself to sleep and he kicked it 9 months clean he made it look easy
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