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still feel strange 3 days after smoking pot

Hello everyone. Last Saturday I was at a party and smoked a lot of pot - probably  at least 8 big hits. It is the most I've ever smoked at once. I have decided to quit smoking pot because I still feel strange today, 3 days after I smoked, and I don't like the way it messes up my mood and makes it hard to concentrate. I've probably smoked about 10 times in my life.

Anyways, when I wake up in the morning and when I'm tired at night, and at random times during the day, I feel slightly high - my vision also is like it is when I am high - distorted perspective etc. I've looked around at different discussion forums and it seems that some people after smoking a lot can stay in a weird state for a while. Does anyone know how long these effects could last? Do they get worse the more often you smoke? A second question is: how long after stopping smoking does it take for lungs to recover as much as they will? The first question is really what I'm concerned about.

Thanks for your help.
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HI welcome to the forum....well as for your question theirs a lot of what ifs involved ...I was a chronic abuser for many years the problem with pot is you dont really know what you getting the thc can range from a couple of % to as high as 10 or 12 % with the later it will stay in your system for a wile...also you dont know if it was just the pot or something someone added to it to enhance the effects...yrs ago they would lace it with pcp
it would get you really high but not on pot but on the pcp and that stuff was bad news
if its just good clean pot your symptoms should go away in the next few days..if it was laced its hard to say...they put a lot of stuff in the weed these days the higher it gets you the more they can charge for it...if you dont feel better by the end of the week see a doctor,,,good luck and God bless....Gnarly  
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Heyy :)

Just a few things i wanted to sayy hehe
Ive been smoking pot for id say 4 years or so now.
I still get that weird feeling the day after. almost like im still high.
but i do believe its your brain trying to focus on whats real. its almost like you notice things diffrently. I kinda never mind all of it & just act normal. i try to stay happy & smile. Sometimes its like im "burnt out" & like my brains going so slow haha !
Pot is not my only addiction. So maybe for me the mix gives me diffrent feelings.
But as for pot goes. Ive quit before cold turkey no problem at all. When you put your mind up to something you can do it ! :) the problem comes when your body needs it. But ive never "needed" weed i just like it...

I hope it all works out for you. Just if you dont wanna smoke . dont do it.. you'll be feeling fine in a few days . If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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yeah I have the same sensation or feeling, I'm not a usual pot smoker I only smoked for four days one joint each day, and the first joint was really strong after smoking it I stayed for 5 mins on the couch and after that went up stairs to sleep but suddenly I woke up and I was having a panic attack and my girlfriend was sleeping next to me it was so horrific for her I was saying I was dying and I couldn't feel my face or my body, but then thanks to her she calmed me down and went to sleep... the second day still feel weird and I smoked the 2end joint and it felt good to be honest and so on for the rest of the days until my 8grams finished... I stopped cold turkey after 7 days I felt normal and I was happy but a few days after that the damn feeling came back again, it feels like I lost my sensitivity in my hands yeah and when I scratch my skin I don't feel it that quick, I wanna know how long its gonna be like this I hate it but I'm trying to live with it I just want to get everything back as they were.
Did it go away help I have the same exact feeling as u
please tell me what is solution to this i am so ****** up feels like my senses are still numb and my body is not in my control anymore
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dududdeee omg when you find out the answer to your problem tell me cuz i have the exact same thing and im scaredddd
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im feeling really funny also its been 3 days for me.. and i feel almost in an unreal state of mind. like im not all there. i try to deal with it, but i really want to feel normal again. im never smoking again. the day i smoked it i felt like i was tripping but i shouldnt have been cuz it is just weed. all my friends felt fine, but they smoke often, i don't. it wasnt laced because no one else felt weird but me. i have no idea whats going on. im just gonna wait till this saturday. if still feeling weird i dont know for sure what ill do, most likely seek medical help.
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I smoked weed about 2 weeks ago and one minute I feel fine then the next minute I feel asif there is noone around me like I'm imagining it and when I hear somone shout me its really deep like I'm just imagining it will this feeling ever go away because I want to be back to my normal self and I am never ever going to smoke it again so what happens if I still have this feeling in a weeks time
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i would go and see your doctor...and be honest about smoking the weed...it might or might not be related to it....get checked out.  Hope this helps
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I have the same thing man, I smoked dab and it is doing this to me, It is really scary and I want it to stop but I just keeps doing it help me please, and I can't see a doctor because then my parents will know and that's not a good thing
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I am not a frequent smoker by any means.  Last April, I had smoked maybe 5-8 times before, and I got really high one night with friends.  I was almost tripping.  I felt like I was floating in space and I was slightly paranoid.  I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning in complete panic.  I still felt high for the rest of that day and I couldn't focus on anything anyone was saying to me.  I was dazed and slightly confused and the panic attacks would come and go.  This continued for several days, but after 4-5 days it was completely gone.  I know its a terribly frightening thing, but it will wear off.  Just as many other people have said, chances are, you got ahold of something other than "just weed."  Illegal drugs have different effects on everyone, which is why they're illegal.  I also have mild to moderate anxiety and depression issues.  After doing research, I found that marijuana stimulates anxiety in people who have anxiety issues.  If you have these issues, STAY AWAY from marijuana, because it can actually make it worse.  Just be patient and calm.  Do things to keep you busy.  If you start feeling panicky, I suggest playing a game on your phone or doing something that keeps your attention.  It will pass.  No worries!
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Hey guys  just would like to say I've been in this situation to, it lasted maybe a weekish and I felt good again , by about the 5th day I could definetly feel the fading of the feeling  , in all means I would refrain from seeking medical help because everyone goes through this and maybe quit for that week and after that try it and see what happens , I was real scared right away but it more made me a stronger person fighting through it ! Anyways you'll all get through it its just your body adapting to the more massive amount of marijuana being smoked . you'll be fine in no time
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Last weekend was the first time I smoked weed. I wasn't tottally high, but I forsure had the laughs and felt weird but good and was SO HUNGRY! then on Friday me and and my two friends were smoking in her car and I don't know how many hits of the bowl I took, but I started to feel like I was in a dream, or acting as if I was someone else. I started to panic and they had to tell me where I was and stuff and I couldn't stop shaking! They told me I was "stoned" and just that word made in shock and i felt like I was going to die! It was so scary and I never want to do it agoain!!!!! But it's been 3 days and I still feel a little off and weird and when I talk sometimes it doesn't feel like I said that. Is that normal?
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Just wondering if it ever went away and how long it took to go away.
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So I have had viral meningitis, couldn't lay on anything was in so much pain. Thought a bowl would help me sleep, boy was I wrong. Had a panic attack, though I was having a heart attack. Anyways, long story short - My vision hasn't gone back to normal since then. it's been about 4 months and it's a bit better, not normal though. I see your post is from 2010, did it ever go back to normal for you?
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You need to start your own post as this one is very old. Just click the blue back to community link just below this post. Then when you get to the community page hit post a question. You don't have to ask a question, you may write what it is you would like support for or advice you may need.
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I would, should and probably will. I was just hoping to get some answers from someone who has already gone through it.
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You will get your answers from people who have gone through it, but because this is an old thread they may not see that you are new here. You can just cut and paste your first post and then you will hear from people who may know more about your issue. You can do it.
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