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still going strong

Here it is day 17. I slept ok but still not the best. But 6 hours of sleep is better then 2 weeks ago. I feel great I went back to the gym yesterday and even went out. For the night.I get exited everyday about things. Its been a long time since I could do that. Advil works great if I think I'm hurting in the legs. Its very very minor though. The worst part about the end is when I'm home bored it makes me think about it. So its very important to stay busy. Even just household cleaning ect. Will help big time. Don't for get to everyone. These drugs depleat the essential vitamins ur body needs so grab a multi vitamin and take it everyday. I was taking 65mg methadont everyday and c\t. But I used perc 10s 2 times a day for a total of 40mg for the first week. Don't get me wrong. I witdrawled but it took the edge off..next week I took 20mg a day only when I could not take it anymore. Week 3 I took 10mg of methadont a day for 4 days. And 17 days later I feel great. The withdrawls were not bad cause I weaned off hard core and fast. It sucked. I cried,pain,restless legs,coldsweats. But it only was like that from c\t off methadone 65mg. After I weaned off the worst was done. Also after day 5 it got better and better. Also I got a 7 day program whole body cleanser from GNC and it took all the bad **** out of my body. I'm 29 years old and have opened my eyes and I'm ready to take on the world. Peace and good luck. Great site too. Post post post post. It helps. You're not alone. Peace and love to all
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Excelllant Advice about staying busy and eating Vitamens!  Those are two positive steps to alleviate the mental and physical trama from withdrawal.  I'm happy to hear you're on the road to the real high;  good physical and mental HEALTH.  Respect!
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Day 26 for me today yippee!!! Feel a new woman today, honestly!! 5-HTP are doing great stuff to me. Mornings are the worst by far but after vitamins kick in im fine. Good advice to keep posting tho, that has helped me the most, knowing I can speak to people who are going through or have come through the same, not some nobody that reads from a text book, thinking they have all the right answers. Need to be true to yourself and everyone on here. xxpinkyxx
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I want to send out a hugh CONGRATS, too you and everyone on here that is fighting to get thier life back. As it was already said keep posting cleandom and freedom is at hand, im day 18 today and the only proplem im havivg is sleep, other than that I feel GREAT you all can do this everyone fighting IT IS WORTH IT!!! PEACE OUT!!
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keep it up!  only gets better & better!  you have your life back!
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I'm on day 3 ct and finding it tough. Not so mch tempted to relapse tough, it's the no sleep that's killng me. Sure I have somach cramps diaoreah leg camps etc, but I can deal wiith it. I can't deal with no sleep. I'm fortunate that I have a supply of benzos, but Im awae of the risks and don't want to take oo many. Dring the course of last night I took 6 10 mg Valium and it did nothing. How much can/should I take?
I'm taking vitamins and aminos and calcilum/magnesium as advised in the health pages bu nothing's helping with the sleep. Is this normal? How long will it last? Please give me some idea how loong I have to ride this out.  
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I have found that nothing made me sleep, I was tired as hell but was to uncomfortable to sleep more than a hour or 2. after about a week -10 days it gets better so hang in there and dont lose the 3 days you already have.  and to evildone CONGRATS Im on day 18
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Sleep will come back after about a week and get better. I slept 7 hours last nigh. Also to bluemann we started together and I'm glad to here you're still with me. You inspired me. Congrats to you codean on day 3 and congrats to bluemann. Try a whole body cleansing. It will help u both. Much love
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