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stopping suboxine

Hi here goes ive been in chronic pain for 30 years 1rst 15 i took nothing but then i found percs..wow magic 1 pill and i could dance at work for 12 hours  then of course partying with people my useage went up to 20 to 30 a day..i quit done..but thought if they helped me work ill try the methadone..on it for 2??3??years wanted of as i went down to a low dose and couldnt do anything..so read suboxine was eaisier to get off so started that ??2 weeks ago im on 8mil a day too much pain  cant handle it wanna go back on meth??/can use a few percs to finish all the stuff i need to finish and its a lot of stuff i have to do..but..if i just go off the sub..how long will it take to be able to work on house
??i need to get the work done id rather use percs to get work done then wean off..im near suisidal can handle the pain  the inability to do anything..i use to juggle three jobs now i cant get past morning coffee or walk my dog im gonna end this one way or another..just hopeing  some one here might have a idea..thanks  signed allmost given up:(
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Hi Jedman Welcome to the forum. I have reread your post a couple of times. The problem I can see is you relying on drugs for energy and that you are a active addict. Our addictions turn on us. Like you I'm a addict. In the past I was also up to 20 to 30 pills a day Keeping them in supply is mentally exhausting much less what your body is going thru. Once they gave me energy then I found the only thing I was doing was sitting, the energy leaves us and in its place is malice discontent and a desire for a high we will never achieve again. My advice to you would be to taper and let your body and mind heal.. Your Natural energy will come back as well as a feeling of wellness with your body. Pain subsides, as you bounce around the drugs your body has rebound pain This means the pain levels go up trying to get you to take more opiates. You need to be patient but the pain does diminish. You say you are going to end this one way our another.. I pray it is by tapering and claiming you life back from these soul sucking drugs.. I wish you well. lesa
I totally agree with EVRYTHING you said.....
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