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stupid stupid stupid

almost a relapse.  i cant believe how stupid i am. i STOLE the first aid kit from a friends house yesterday and dont even remember doing it. when i got home and saw it in the trunk of my car I called them and confessed what i had done apologized and returned it but i can not believe i even did that! i have never stolen anything in my life and i feel so ashamed and awful  that i cant think strait? why on earth did i do that. while i was there i got cut and i asked for a band aid and she brought out this kit to get me one and then offered me a vike or a perc. i said no - i dont need that but then when i went to get my purse to leave i grabbed my purse and her first aid kit? i dont remember doing it. what the hell happened to me?
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hun your the only one that can answer that ....
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So you F'd up!  But you did not take the medication? and you called and told the truth.  that is part of the disease.  Your brain takes over and you cannot be rational.  Forgive yourself and move on.
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The idea of the perc, go you flabbergasted. I am sorry that was mean I really have no idea that you would want a first aid kit. Maybe you thought you might get hurt again or the kit was so awesome you couldn't live without itl HUMMM I don't think you were to bad. It might of been better if it hadn't been you friend. Tell you what semd me your address and I send you a first aid kit......I am just joking please don't take me seriously. Have a good evening I just couldn't resist.
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There is a relaspe in our thinking long before we pick up Bad Behavior or the Dope. It is our thinking that got us in trouble in the first place.. I can do gest 1......I quit once I can quit again...This isn't my drug of choice.... So on and so forth.
The bottom line is Each Day we are given the GIFT of a New Begining. So today You have a choice to make.....Am I'm going to do everything in my power to get back in the game ......or Am I gonna cave to my disease of addiction???? I pray you choose the later. There is no promises of a do over once we are under the influence of the dope.
Keep posting, keep talking, keep comming back. If you do 12 steps NOW would be a good time to go~~Pray (if u pray) and stay honest with those around you about your addiction, I personally we be praying for you to make the right choices~Much Love~~
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Sweetie your not stupid, it was a temptation but you overcame it and you didnt take the meds...I had that temptation myself back in May I had that perc right in my hand but I remembered what I had been through and I knew where it would lead me and I put it back, it was my daughters that she had after her C-section..I figured God was testing me and I passed the test but the stinkin thinkin was there for that brief moment, you will have these moments you just have to be strong and keep up the fight...Keep strong my dear you will be just fine..Love You, Trish
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