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Need some very errant help I'm trying to get in treatment and I found a place in sandiego called a better tomorrow. Ok so my mom did. I have blucross blueshield insurance.and this place is saying my part out of pocket would be total of 8,000 bucks. With co pay of 2,500. The guy basically told me that I would have to use suboxin when I got there and then taper off of that he then explained that was the only way to get oxi out of my system all together. And then when I told him I didn't want to go that rout he tried to push it on me. I asked him how an opiad would clear an opiad he told me it was the placebo.????? I just want help and  to be in rehab and get clean from Opiads and learn how to stay clean. Do to the fact that this guy couldn't stop talking and let me speak I was turned away by my gut thinking that this guy was a meth addict and was still kinda dealing with diarea of the mouth please help I just want honest  good place to go that my insurance will cover and I'm aloud to get one word in  without be yelled at for being a skeptic about suboxin.
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you have every right to be a skeptic about suboxone..It may work for some people but, no matter what, at some point you have to come off of suboxone. I did and it wasnt pretty, Dr.s (at least the ones i encountered) dont really tell you what happens after you quit taking them! In my opinion, wds from opiates is better then wd from suboxone! Dont do it- its one more thing you will have to quit! I made it through with lots of prayers, and support! If you ever need to chat, Im here :)
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Trust your gut.  Any kind of medical treatment means the doctor is supposed to LISTEN to the patient.  I applaud you for trying to find help with your addiction, but I don't have a great feeling about this place either.  You might go straight to your insurance company and ask them what addiction doctors and facilities are on your plan.  It's a place to start anyway.  

There are a lot of bad stories about suboxone on this forum, but there are a few good ones too.  The successes seem to come from people who weren't on it for long.  The FDA approved it for short-term (21 days) detox, but a whole lot of clinics are now using it for maintenance, which seems to be where the bad experiences come from.

You've done your research, so stick to your guns.  Just don't give up!  There is help out there for you, it just may take longer to find it than you hoped for.
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Anybody know anything about a better tomorrow in sandiego. Ya na should I go I want help bad.
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Im up and stressed out I have eaten 4 pills today allready and I'm hopeing to god that a miracle comes true and I find away to afford the remainder of the the amount of the finance end of the deal.2,500 bones that just covers the co-pay of a total of 8,000 dollars I got a grant for like 16,000 and my insurance is covering everything else my total I need  is around 8,000 then I'm on the plane to a place called better tomarrow in Sandiego. I do have god on my side and actually slept with my bible last night.I have turned over my baby girl dog over to a freind and expl;ained what I'm doing and have his full support.I will call serenity lane in about 2 hours and see if my insurance covers them as well. I dont think my insurance will cover anything other than detox at a hospital for prob a week.The prob is I need to be somewhere for a month atleast I feel in my heart.If there is anyone with any great ideas for me I'm all ears.
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They don't permit active addicts to work at these facilities, I am certain you misunderstood the person on the phone. If you do a google search for treatment centers you can find ratings on them as well.

You may have to be a little patient, there is often a waiting list to get in.

And while I have you, it is inappropriate to come on here and ask for money to help fund your treatment. Please do not pursue that line of questioning.

I wish you all the best and hope you get the help you need. Hang in there.
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Sorry I understand. I'm just very stressed out and not doing anything right I apologize to all.
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I totally understand your stress. You need to calm down and get the job done. If you can get yourself relaxed a little you will make the right phone calls, get the information and be on your way to treatment. But first you have to breathe and relax, okay?

If mom is calmer, you may want to get her to help you.

Let us know how you make out.
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I'm about the most impatient person I know and I realize I need to be more patient and that is I'm sure  its all related mentally. I will breath and take your advise. What a mess I am. And what a blessing you all are. This forum has opened my mind and helped me more than anything yet. The last thing I wana do is be rude. As far as my comment about diarea of the mouth I have since called back and feel better about this person. I have my own issues and have no business making assumptions. That is my own trust issues talking. I very much apologize for that Assumption.
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