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so i havent got a doc just a friend that wants to help me through my quiting my pascription hydros..i do know that the w/d of that are no good for a mother of 3..so my question is ...i havent had a killer in about 2 weeks and i had some swords(suboxins) givin to me to try and i started with crumbs and it was like a miracle drug except the whole trying to find ur own dosage wich i thought i had untill i noticed that i went from a half a pill (8mg i do believe,yes i know not the smartest but trying to keep this low key to everyone around me or that knows me) lasting me 3 days or more to taking like a half a pill almost a day now...so what im getting at is if i do this treatment wat is the side effects or horror stories to coming off subs? iv read that they r not as bad as killers and that it is mostly mentall but wat about the physicall. other than numbness wat else have they found that could bother u from taking subs? thank you for reading and i hope that im not judged to much but all the same i would like to know cause my friend/fiance is worried about me switching cause everyone says it the "miracle drug"?
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hi, no one will judge you on here, its good your posting, its very hard to guess at how much you should take, i dont have the experience, i know i would be very wary of taking another addictive drug, you dont want to swap one addiction for another, someone with more experience of the sub, will give you more advice ,  its very risky taking something that wasnt prescribed for you, i wish you well, take care
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First off, you speak of Suboxone treatment. In order to receive the proper treatment and do the program correctly, you need to see a doctor who is certified to prescribe the medication and who will set you up with the "program". Suboxone is NOT a miracle pill and it is NOT a pill to be taken to get through the withdrawal from any other drugs. You are on dangerous ground by taking something that is not prescribed to you. Additionally, you are still self-medicating which is also dangerous if you hope to begin your recovery.

If you look at the post at the top of the page, it asks that you read it before posting. In there you will see that it is a violation of our guidelines to give out any sort of dosing instructions for medication. Sorry but we cannot help you with this.

If you want to go this route to get off of the pain medication I suggest that you find a prescribing doctor and do the program properly so you can understand what exactly it is that you are doing. Please do research on Suboxone and understand that it is an opiate and you will have withdrawal from it when you decide to come off. Again, you are dangerous ground here and I would hate to see you fail before you even get off the ground.

I wish you the best and hope you get through this.
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yes sorry about that i did see that post at the top after i wrote my post but i guess i worded that wrong my question was not about how much i was stating wat i take and the question was more towards the withdrawls and the side affects to takin suboxins and yes i do know that self medicating is dangerous  but like i stated i was mainly just wanting to conversate with someone about the suboxin and wat iv heard on the street about it before taking other further action i do not want to know how much of anything i should be taking but thank you for your post..and good luk to you also...
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The withdrawal will depend on how much you take and for how long, etc. Everyone is different and some people are able to just get off. Others suffer terrible withdrawal from it. Like I said, unless you are going to do it properly, I would not take the chance if I were you. You want to make it or else you would not be here so what do you think about going cold turkey, or doing a taper from the pain pills? The withdrawal will last a week, if even, and then you will be past the physical part. Doesn't that sound better than taking a chance on yet another addictive drug? Let us know what you decide hun and we can support you and make some recommendations of stuff that you can do at home. Withdrawal is very doable if you don't have any other health problems. So what do you think? Are you willing to give it a try?
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thank you so much for your kind words...i must have worded something wrong i wasnt trying to ask how much to take just simply wanting info before proceeding with my desission with a doc or anyone in my faimly...was wanting to know about side affects and like wat to expect when and if i dont take suboxins anymore at all... i would really like to stop taking hydros but they are prescribed monthly and i do need them but i have wound up abusing them and doubling up on my prescription and also snorting them so i have many concerns.I do know that i have been on my meds for years and i never was dependant on them untim about a year ago and i had my first case of withdrawls and let me tell you that is almost as bad as post partum very scary and a vary dark place to be specially when u didnt even know it. So with that said i know that im physically addicted to them i need them to get out of bed and do normal daily activity and i hate it, that is why i tried the suboxins and they seem to work a whole lot better than anything iv tried as a matter a fact i dont hurt as bad when i wake up in the morning as appose to when i do have a full bottle of my hydros i still hurt when i take them and i have had the dosage uped due to this already.. i just know i want to change this i cant stand the fact that im in need of something to get through the day i dont want to do the same with the suboxins either. my boyfriend wanted me to look into it and get so more info before going to a doc and switching everything around cause cold turkey isnt good either but it is better than having to have something to get through..right?
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ahh well yes and no like i stated i havent had a pain pill for about two weeks but i have been taking crumbs equalling aproximatly up to a half a pill since about a week after running out of killers. so i have already went through the  withdrawls i  do believe but that was my concern was willl i have withdrawls twice as bad u know like double from both or what how does that work i guess is and was my question?
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also i noticed u said that suboxins arent to be takin for withdrawls from anything else but isnt that the hard part of saying goodbye to ur killers is not only the addiction mentally but the part where u have physicall withdrawls and being scared of that i read on a site that it stated r u addicted and want to stop are u scared of the withdrawls we have an answere or a cure. and i also wanted to set the record straight i DO NOT think that it is a miracle drug that is why im here cause it sounds a little to good to be true and im hearing more and more about it on the streets from people that are on them or trying them due to the same problems or worse that i have experiencing..sorry i cant spell and 2 young boys so it makes it hard to type appropriately ...lol..but anyway that is why i joined this is to get some opions and advise..thank you so much for taking the time to commment back.
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I can give you some first hand advice.  I was on the sub program for about 4 months.  At that time I was addicted to heroin.  The main advantage of subs as apposed to other detox programs is that subs have naloxone in them which prevents one from getting high on opiates. This in turm takes a lot of the temptation from away from using opiates because once you take your sub you know you cant get high on any type of opiates. For me it worked great!  I am now drug free.  Your sub doc will set you up in a program where he will ween you off the subs and you should not feel any withdraw symptoms.  

Good luck!
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Hi!  I have taken suboxone before, several years ago, while I was in treatment for 4 months.  I only took them long enough to detox from the multitude of pills I was on when I entered treatment. The thing is.....if you want to do it right, you have to be supervised by a doctor.  Taking halves and crumbs and whatever, whenever is not the right way to go about it.  In fact, you will do way more harm than good that way.  Now you don't know how to taper properly to keep from having WDs from the subs.  So, see....you need to involve a doctor so that you can do this right and with as little sickness as possible.  Subs can be harder to stop than the pills you were originally on.  Same with methadone.  

At the very least, you need to talk with your family doctor and get going in the right direction here, ok?  This can all be over, and your life can be so happy if you just do this right, and get off all the crap!  It's going to kill you if you don't.  I was in the same situation a while back, and I promise you that if you do whatever it takes to stay clean, you will be so happy with your life! : )

Good luck!
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dont worry about wording things wrongly,i think we are all confused when addictions take over, i think youve been given some really good advice here, and i wish you well, its good you want to be free of your addiction , god bless
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