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suboxone taper

Just wondering if anyone had any advice for me I am bringing myself off suboxone I have been on them for 5 years now but I have only been taking half of what I'm supposed to. I also have severe anxiety and it's hard for me to even take that medication right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Suboxone patient here as well.....currently being tapered, very gradually & carefully by my doc.  I was on the max dose allowed for a very long time, and then my doc started a taper process, in hopes that I could eventually come off of the medication all together.  So, yeah for me it's definitely a challenge bc I was on such a high dose for so long that my body totally got adapted to it.....and initially, the thoughts of having to come down, or come off, were very scary for me.  At first dose drop, it definitely felt "different" and it took me quite a while to get used to the lower dose...simply bc Suboxone stays in the system for a very long time.  I can't remember the actual "half-life" of each 8mg dose....but I do know it's very very long.  
So, hope this at least gives a little insight & encouragement to you......and if there's anything further I can assist or answer, I'd be more than happy.  God bless!
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Hey to you....5 years at what mg were you taking per day? Suboxone requires a very slow taper....very slow, way unlike opiates. I took 24mg roughly per day for 7 years, am off now since january 1st, 2014. We can definatly help.
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Hello and welcome!  There are some people on here who are experienced with suboxone and I am sure they will be along soon to give you some advice!!  How many mg are you currently taking and what was your normal dose?  From my understanding it is a BEAR to come off of!!  Are you on any meds for your anxiety?  Hang in there and someone will be along soon....I have never used suboxone so Im not a big help but wanted to welcome you anyway!!!!
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