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suboxone withdrawls and medications that help?

iv been clean for 10 days now an my doctor is telling me he has a medication thatll take the remaining withdralas away for a month.. is he lieing? could it just be a sugar pill to psych me out? iv never heard of this but he tells me people never get to use it cause when there in treatment patients never just go cold turkey they relapse the next day... or there not suppervised at all,,, any comments would be great to hear cause it just sounds to good to be true.thank you
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omg I hope he is not trying to give you suboxone? We need to know what the name of the drug is to advise you. You could call back and ask, but as far as I know there is only time.

you are ten days clean, that is great! you are almost there! I wouldn't mess with anything.

Good work on the ten days, you will be feeling much better soon.

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no i was on suboxone thats what im cold turkeying...... looking into it its a new drug called vivitrol an its suppose to work by injection with a time realease killing all cravings for 5 months
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Just my two cents but at ten days clean I would not go on any other drug. It's a vicious cycle both physically and mentally.
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I agree with IBKleen. Your brain needs to heal, not be medicated. We think we need medicine because we are sick, but we are sick because we need medicine. It's not worth the risk, is my humble opinion.
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You could have googled Vivitrol and found out all about it. It contains Naloxone, just like Suboxone, and blocks your opiate receptors

Naltrexone, marketed as Vivitrol,  is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence. To be effective, Vivitrol must be used with recovery programs, such as counseling.

Stop looking for another magic pill to cure your ills. That's what got you where you are today.

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If you are at day 10.  I wouldn't touch another thing.  I'm on day 17 off Suboxone.  I have very minor physical symptons and today I even felt a bit of normal energy coming back.  Feeling quite normal.  You are so close!
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Hi! I'm glad you posted to ask the experts!!  I would trust what everyone has to say here...and I don't think this drug is for you at all.  

Are you involved in any type of aftercare program? That's what will help you now.  You'll learn the tools required to help you handle cravings, stressors, uncomfortable situations, anxiety, etc...

Are you doing well physically? How about mentally?
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im actually great  an im involved in a suboxone treatment program nothing else i guess one day i just made up my mind to stop an i did. so far though i can move around but only for half an hour in between breaks an theres some back pain but iv always had that i actually have no cravings at all for anything my only problem is my energy really but thank you all for the comments really appriciate it
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Good for you Joe. That's my experience. No craving and mind is clear two days after last dose of sub. That was not what happened with methadone. Mental madness. I feel the physical symptoms of withdrawal, but the mind seems clear, so far.
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