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suboxone withdrawls

Hi,Im new to this,I have been on subs for 3 yrs,i have found it to be a wonder drug.I know
alot of the problems is cost,I have insurance,but still,anyway i spent 3 times this amount
on street drugs,i wore out my prescriptions from all drs.of course,and the subs also
beats running around sick trying to find vics,perc,oxy,s ect....It sounds like alot of
people are really hard on themselves,trying to fast to get better,I happen to have a
great dr thats working with me to get off of sub,s,so i am tapering,tapering.tapering,slow.
Of course im scared,but i keep reminding myself about how sick i was before,and im
trying to vitamins,exercise and all,yes im feeling not 100% well,headache,anxiety,
alittle body ache,but god i am going to do this,but slow.my dr also made me go 3days
before i got subs,seems there is something to that,and i think if you play around with
drugs inbetween,it screws up your system to go back to sub,s.I think after reading some
of this,i am going to call my dr about clonidine,sounds like it works for some.
Question out there,I am also taking celexa for depression,what do you think,it seems
to work for me,i am on 40mg a day.I take 1 advil pm at night,once in awhile,seems to work
also.Oohhh I forgot to tell you,I take16mg aday of subs,went to 1 1/2 for 2wks, ,then another
samll amount again,,,wish me well,,,thank you all for your help,we need to be proud of ourselves..
a small
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Sounds like you have a handle on it and are doing all the right things to come off Sub successfully.  Wish you all the best and hope you will continue to post your experiences.
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sounds like u r up to date on the sub issue..coming off slowly is how people seem to get off successfully..keep posting
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I weaned myself off subs a litttle too early and went through withdrawl for about a week but its 10 days now and Im fine. Wean off them real slowly. good luck
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lin - You sound like you have a grip on conquering your addiction, but 3 years is a long, long time to be on suboxone. I don't know how much you know about the drug itself, but do some research on this site about it please. Wonder drug, is what most sub users whom are still on sub like to call it. Those people haven't yet tried to come off of it. Definitely continue to do the taper your dr has you on and try to get down to as little as you possibly can. I truly mean this, I wish you all the best and good luck with coming off of it.

If you have any questions, just ask. I used sub and did a 21 day treatment, but stayed on it for 27 days total. I started to taper as soon as I started the sub in general and my w.d was not all that great. It wasn't as horrific as some of the other members here, especially the long term sub users, but again, I only stayed on it for 27 days..

Im not trying to scare you, everyone is different and reacts different to certain drugs and no one's w.d is the same. I am just trying to tell you the things no one told me. And the things I had to find out via my own experiences...

Good luck..
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true everyone is different in my case I was on 2 and a half a day for over 6 months tapered to a tiny piece a day, ran out (decided I didnt need more) and went into immediate withdrawl. Thought I had the flu cause it was going around my job. Wasnt the end of the world, But believe me it was totally horrible the first few days. Tells me what full withdrawl from actual oxys must feel like because I never went through a long term withdrawl off oxys cause they were all around me and could get tham at the drop of a dime. Only went through withdrawl off oxys when I woke up in the morning and rushed to take one. Rather withdraw from subs than oxys ten days now off subs and Im fine. Not the easiest ten days, though.
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Wow,thank you very much,all of you,for your help,sounds to me,the people
that are most successful coming off of subs,are the people that were only
on them short term.But i would have only done that,if my dr told me,,,
but really i think i would have relapsed,to short a time for me,,,i was on
pills for years,when he first put me on subs,of course i tried to abuse those
also,i thought wow,all these pills,i had to learn the hard way,my dr could
only prescribe what i needed monthly,i always never thought about the
consequenses(selfish),then i also learned that it doesnt do you anygood
to take more,they just dont work,and you waste your pills,so i got all that
under control,,,,again always learning the hard way,,,
Im having good luck with celexa,does anybody really know about this
antidepresant...  So today,bad headache this morning,but thats all...
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Try the depression forum for your question on celexa.  They may be able to answer you question on that topic.  
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and many would relapse without a maintenence drug..so dont beat urself up as everyone is different..u are better off now tapering off the sub than relapsing over and over...it is not good for the soul to do this and can beat down ur spirit...and we need our spirit (:
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thank you,and everyone else,who responded,
If i dont go slow,i can beat myself up,i have to give myself credit,guess i have
to go really slow,so anyway,went to the dr before thanksgiving,cause i had
gone from 2 pills,to 1 1/2, tried to go down again,thats when it all hit,headache,
ect,,so dr and i deceided to stay on the 1 1/2 till jan 1st after the holidays,cause
so much company,had 13 people for thanksgiving and 6 dogs,was fun,but i
cant go down any further till jan,God,,,i was not aware that sub,s were so hard
to come off of,but again i will try.Some of these stories scare me,then some
help,I am also taking celexa for depression,that works good,and the dr gave
me trazadone,which also helps.my son said maybe we will look into a program
i can go to,and they will help me off of sub,s,ill keep you posted,,
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