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suboxone withdraws

I started out taking 20 oxytocin a day for 3 years. Now I have been taking suboxone for the passed year in a half. I stopped taking them about 5 days ago and it just keeps getting worse. I feel like there's nothing else for me here. Suicide thoughts everyday. And the worst part is its embarrassing so I can't talk to anyone. Does anyone know how I can keep my self from relapsing? I'm on my last straw and don't want to let my family down. It's the hardest thing I have ever done. Thank yall.
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Hey, suicide isn't the answer, I know there's more for you to live for.
I would say to quit cold turkey, it was 7 to 9 days of physical W/D's. Mental has been the hardest for me but I've pushed through it.
The thoughts are going to be the hardest, find something to take up time, walking helps, if you can get out to do so.
Wish I had more words for encouragement but I'm falling short on words at the moment.
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Hi there- How much suboxone were you taking? It's recommended that you taper off this med, especially if the dose is high. The wd's can be very unpleasant and depression is common. Suboxone has a long half life so that's why the wd's seem to getting worse each day. It will level off but, again, it depends on how much you were taking in total every day. Keep in touch-
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First, on the suicide comments.  My wife gave up.  She took a massive dose of methadone.  It left a trail of carnage for those of us still here.  Everyone was tramatized.  It's been 8 years are we still aren't over it.  I found her in bed, looking that bluish color.  I did CPR and got her heart going.  Then it was off to ICU.  Her daughter's wedding was in 3 days sc the whole family was coming,  I was getting calls from the airport as I waited in ICU for the prognosis.  It takes about 3 days to do all the tests to confirm brain death.  I stood in for her at the wedding ( we decided to go ahead with it). I had the first dance with the bride.  Then the next morning I met the rest of the family at the hospital.  I knew what her wishes were and I had the staff remove her from life support.  Her service was with full military honors.  Usually thers a recording of taps.  This time there wa an elderly gent.  He looked at me and smiled; "this isn't a recording, this is the real thing", he said .  I still cry when I hear taps.  The bride and groom left for their honeymoon.  I went home.  Me and the dog!  No one wants to do something like this to the ones they love.  Please just don't !

I have experience getting off suboxone.  I will post more later
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Let's talk about suboxone.  I'd like to ask you to start taking the suboxone again, for now.  Suboxone is a bit of a different beast than other opiates.  It's so f**king strong that it's nearly impossible to stop using for most of us.  Just going CT is not the best strategy.  I can't post taper instructions here but I'm willing to give you my contact info so we can discuss various options.  I tapered from 4mg down to .25mg.  The withdrawals weren't bad.  Depression was moderately bad for a month then got steadily better.  7 months clean without cravings.  There's a way forward here.  I'd be happy to help you

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Oxytocin? Were you pregnant or something???
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I went out of state for treatment.  In my experience when tapering correctly with subs I still had withdrawal symptoms.  To me the major difference with the subs is that the symptoms come in waves.  When I went cold turkey the symptoms were constant.  Bad news is that no matter how you detox you must go through the withdrawal symptoms.  Subs just make it a little easier.  No offense to anyone on here but you really should treat this disease seriously.  you need to see a specialist and seek long term treatment.  So lets just say you are able to detox on your own for 2 weeks.  your physical symptoms are gone.  Now the hard part begins.  This is where long term treatment will help.  Your brain is going to be telling you all sorts of things that will make you crave the drug.  "one wont hurt"  "im in so much pain I need them"  ect.  You must learn how to deal with the cravings and emotions that will happen.  Insomnia will drive you crazy. It will last for a couple of months after you detox.  You will lay in bed frustrated that you cant sleep.  Guess what your brain is going to tell you.  "I know what will help you sleep"  Your brain is broken.  It knows the only thing that will make you all better.  Now you are back to square one.  Get out of this deadly loop.  Find somewhere to go.  Detox and get long term treatment.  Give yourself the tools to fight this disease.  like any other disease it is treatable.  It is also progressive and deadly without treatment. good luck  
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In getting clean and staying clean the detox is only 5% Its really easy compared to staying clean 95%
Does anyone else support this?
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Tom- yes, we all support that! Detox is a drop in the bucket compared to STAYING clean.
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Absolutely, detox is nothing compared to what it takes to staying clean. i have to say that picking up a crochet hook and some wool really helped me to feel like i was doing something while being able to do very little. And we've got a bunch of homemade blankets that are pretty nice to snuggle up in too.

This is a good time to go "all in" and check out an Addiction's Therapist to help you get a program in place and help to keep you a step ahead of the process that we all go through when quitting for good. It's a small price to pay for Freedom. Best of everything to all the newly sober. I have a lot of respect for you all.
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Going "ALL IN".  Thats a great way of putting it.  I love the choice of words.   Here is the truth.  This disease is soooo deadly.  Statistically the death rate from overdoses is now the number one cause of accidental deaths.  ( death by motor vehicle used to be number one.)  I know everyone wants to help people get better and they are sincere.  when a new person comes on here we should be directing them to go all in.  It seems like we are so good at telling people how to get past the first couple of weeks of withdrawal .if we really want to give them the best chance of survival shouldn't we be telling them to go all in and fight this with everything we have?  we are telling them how to get through the withdrawl and making them believe thats it.  Im over 2 years clean and I still fight the fight every day.  I couldnt do it without all of the education and support I recieved with my aftercare program.  we shouldnt sell it short.  Tell it like it is.  The truth is after detox the hard part begins.  lets tell the new people on here how to give them the best chance to beat this disease
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With all due respect to the suggestions, we may be being a bit blinded by our desire to see others clean.  This person says they think about suicide daily. I'm going to humbly suggest that we direct this person towards some therapy before sending them into opiate battle.
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Hey I just want to chime in quick. Im new here and I've never been told just how to get through withdrawal. Everyone on here is really supportive of getting into an N/A group or something asap as to help stay off them. I do agree though if someone is even thinking of suicide the best thing for them can be go straight to a therapist before they end up doing something that does not ever need to be done, original poster please seek the help you truly need. Not just for your withdrawal or taper or however you decide to do this but especially for your mental part. I go to therapy and there's nothing to be ashamed about. I really hope you fight through this get the help you need then get off these. I have all the faith that you can do it. Stay strong.
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How are you doing??
We ALL care and want you to get the help you need!
Keep us updated plz.

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Pillguy, no offense.  You give some great advise on here.  The post was not to single anyone out.  I think we should be directing people to seek the most help that they are able to get.  This disease is deadlier than most cancers and even with therepy, medical detox and long term care the statistics are not good.  However by getting the "full" treatment the addict is getting the best chance to beat this.  A majority of answers on here are how to get through withdrawl and no mention of how important it is to follow through with treatment.
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I just caught what you said above..
This is why I have been saying on here for yrs that the detox is the easy part, it is working on staying clean that takes the cake..Also Aftercare is pushed on here very Seriously!!!
As we grow past the detox we discover a new beginning. This is the part that has taken all I can give. Lots of changes and Upping my Support in many different directions, besides the Meetings that I go to weekly.  Even at almost 3yrs I am still a babe in the woods.

I just Pray that CHEDDAR77 is OK????
May they check back in soon.
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