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hi hope someone helps with this. I want to start on suboxone short term for a week to stop the wds. Can I take a half in the morning if I take my last perc at 7pm. Is 12 hours enough time to take. I have been on a 3 week run about 4 perc 30s a day for 3 weeks and want to stop
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Ask the Dr. who gave you the subs.  There's a whole program that goes along with taking that to get off the opiates.
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You do realize that you will w/d from the SUBs too. From what you stated about the amount and duration of perc abuse your w/d shouldn't be that bad (but everyone is different). You need to be under a doctors care when you are taking SUBs as they will lay out a taper plan for you. My advice to you is just go C/T unless you have some medical condition that would prevent you from doing so. SUBs are not a subsitute for opiates it a therapy for addiction.---Rick
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I went to a five day detox 3 weeks ago but was still getting the chills bad. The only thing that stoppeed them was a half perc 30. then a half turned into 4 day. I wake up every morning freezing to death and dont know what to do. So sick of being sick. I feel no way out. So depressed. When i wake I want to try a quarter of the sub to try to get rid of the chill. And then try to take another qtr before bed. I have to stop these perc 30s.
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To answer your question, it may be long enough but it might not.  It's right on the border.  I have taken Sub after 12 hours before and been fine, but others have suffered from it.  I would say that 24 hours is a safe bet, try to stick it out as long as you can and definitely use sleeping overnight to kill most of that time.  As for the negative comments about not trading your minimal addiction for a b*stard like Sub... it is a great tool if used properly.  I liked it too much and got too comfortable on it, and now I feel stuck.  If you use a very small amount, (just when you feel withdrawal), and only during the time your original drug needs to get out of your system, it will work.  If you use a minimal amount only for a week or two, your body won't have time to get addicted to it and it will mask the withdrawal.  I can't tell you how much discipline it takes to do this.  You have to stop when it's time.  I made the mistake of staying on too long because I thought "I can just do this again if I get addicted again."  Well now I'm trying again and it is waaaay harder.  It worked the first time and it felt great when the withdrawal time had passed and I felt normal again.  I just stayed on the Sub for that high feeling and then the whole "your body won't have time to get addicted" went out the window.  My problem is that  hadn't broken the habit of chasing the high.  This time I am in therapy and working on myself first!
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Thank you so much for your answers
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