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Hello... So I have a question about suboxone. I started taking 1 mg 6 days ago and have been taking 1 mg each day since, at a later time each day) after a 20 pill a day norco habit for the past several years. (The pill count has risen in that time). I'm planning on dropping down to half that dose and extending it to every 2 or 3 days depending on how I feel and stopping complately after several days of doing that. I know the longer one uses suboxone the harder it is for them to stop or at least thats what I've come to understand after doing some research. but since I've only been taking for a short period of time will that make it easier? Thanks in advance for any help given :)
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Hi & welcome back,

Hun I have to be honest...if you are coming on here and asking how to take Suboxone then that tells me you are not taking it under a doctor's care and you are still self-medicating. I can't begin to say how dangerous this is physically but mostly mentally. The mental part of the disease of addiction will take you down faster then the physical will.

Because of the guidelines of this community we cannot give out dosing information (or anything else) to do with medication. But also it is not a good idea to come on the internet for this information.

Please..if you want to get clean, and I know you do, go to a doctor an do this properly. Along with Suboxone you should be getting counseling and/or going to meetings. Suboxone is a program, not just a drug. Please do this properly or you will find yourself in trouble down the road.

I hope you will take this advise seriously and the advise of others here. I pray that you get to the other side and it all works out for you. Let us know how you are.
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Hi IBKleen and thank you for your advice, I appreciate it. I actually started a sub program under a Dr.'s care back in May and due to certain events that happened wasn't able to finish it because I have no insurance and it was costly. I did relapse and still had the meds that they prescribed me. I feel that they dosed me too high wanting me to take 16 mg a day. I've been just fine taking 1mg a day. They also wanted me to stay on them for at least 6 months. First off I do not have the finances for that long of period. but also don't want one addiction to turn into another. I do understand your concern though and thank you for it. :)
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I do hear you about the insurance and your concern with being on it too long and it becoming a problem. Some doctors are simply unethical and they are money hungry. But I believe that most want to help. The reason why they suggest that you stay on the program for at least six months is to avoid relapse. As I said, Suboxone is a program and the idea behind it is to stay off of opiates and spend some time getting your life back in order..physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. The counseling and the meetings can help you do that. the you can wean off of the Suboxone and with the knowledge and the time that you have gained you will have a much better shot at STAYING clean. Getting clean is the easy part.

Again, I do know about the cost thing so maybe look into free programs in your area or clinics that will help defray the cost. Please stay with it honey and get to the other side. I so wish you the best!! Stick around here and get as much information as you can from the members here.
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