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hey guys hope all of u r doing good......i havent posted in a while but i just wanted to get on here and tell everyone im ok.....i started sub tuesday..i feel ok just tired i think maybe my dose may be off or maybe im feeling "normal " and im just not used to that yet.......im ok 16mg twice a day....the dr was really nice and understanding..i was completley honest about what and how much i was using......is it normal to feel tired and kinda w/d ish in the first few days on sub?....i feel sick at my stomach also.....but the way i feel now is 100% better than c/t wd.....so i guess i cant complain to much.....love u guys and god bless u all
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Well first time I ever took the sub I was asleep for like 12 hours knocked out cold. So I thought it was the sub making me so tired but after a couple times taking it I was back to normal so I think my body was just catching up on all the sleep I didnt get for years from being up late at night and getting up early to do my stuff!. Well I am not a dr. of course (good thing too) but that sounds like a lot of sub. thats 2 8 mg tabs 2 times a day? I started on only 2 mg two times a day and felt fine except sweaty for a couple days. I dont know there is a few of us on subs in this forum lets see what they say.
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hey thanks for replying.....ooops that was a typo im on 8mg twice a day..sorry 16mg alltogether is what i had on my mind i guess lol......i was doing about 8-10 oc 80's aday though.....maybe thats why i feel so bad....
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I hear you I was taking 2 80's a day but snorting them and that was the minimum I could function on more if I got my hands on them of course. So I know what you are going through!
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theres my oxygirl (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to you.  i have missed you.  i am glad you are on the sub...whatever it takes to get you clean.  i dont know anything about it,but somebody will tell you more.  SO GLAD TO SEE YOU.  stay in touch.  i sent ya pm.
love and hugs
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missed ya. you know i don't know nothing about suboxone, but im happy to see you back and taking a step in staying off these pills. damn u disappear, i was worried. hope you stick around here again, when u were around here you had over 4 months clean i think. u can do this, u have all the support in the world here so don't hide damn, lol. just glad to see that your ok. im around this evening if you want to drop me a line, NO NOT COKE a message i mean, haha.
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Good to see you back, Oxygirl. That is alot of mgs of Sub, and probably is makeing you tired and giving you the stomach problems. Your could probably drop to 8 mgs a day and feel alot better. Glad to hear your doing good though. Keep us updated on how your doing.
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