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hi i have a question have ny of yall ever taken subutex and been prescribed pain meds with it my dr wote me subutex and loritabs for pain was wondering if yall have ever heard of this thanks
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Subutex blocks all opiates thus making the lortabs basically a sugar pill. I have never heard of this and if the same doctor prescribed both, they should be reported. This is negligence and malpractice. Find a new doctor fast!
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Subutex has a good pain killer in it for one. So you shouldn't need both. When I had my c-section I stopped taking Subutex to take the lorcets and had major probs. Stick with the Subutex and don't mix the two. I'm detoxing from Subutex right now and it's hell. Back when I had my c-section I asked my Sub dr to call in locets and he said no way. I thought he was crazy for having me on Subutex for 2 years straight and not having a PLAN for me but it sounds like your dr is just as weird.
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I have been on every kind of pain pill, patch, Actiq suckers, etc. Most recently on the 2 mg/sublingual Buprenorphine (w/o narcan) and also the 20mcg patch. Been on this for 4-5 yrs now. Started my taper off these two back last July and am still suffering so much. I cut pain patch in 4 pieces and put on the 1/4 patch piece every 7-10 days. Patch works longer than 7, days just so you know. Docs say change every 7 days but keep it on longer. Maybe 10 days plus. I am down to tiny dosage and am still withdrawing and it is now March- 9 friggin months trying to get off this stuff myself. It is pure hell!! Subutex/buprenorphine is hell to get off of. Weaned off many drugs but this is by far the worst. Am at end of rope. Lost 60++ lbs since doing this. Diarrhea, vomiting, no sleep, etc... pure hell!!
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