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sunday night..11:15pm checking in

hope everyone had a great weekend. after working crazy hours most of friday and saturday.. i came home last night and slept like crazy. spent the day watching movies with the hubby.
still having tooth and face pain, i have my consult on tuesday. i wish i could say i was still sticking to my taper but i am not. went back up to 20-30 mgs a day. taking them as directed by my dentist but not the taper schedule i was following prior to the tooth pain. it bums me out since i was doing so well for the most part. and part of me thinks.."stephanie, you should be tapering with these, be thankful you got more pills, you could be tapering slower" but no i can't take tooth pain..
anyway, hope everyone is having a good night.
loveisamom glad to see you back..as well as vicaddict and creek..

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