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symptoms of withdrawal

My husband started taking vicodin for chronic back pain and used them correctly every 4hrs for approx. 3 weeks then switched to darvocet for another six weeks.  He had become severely distended in his abdomen and had constipation so he stopped taking all pain meds.  Since he stopped he has had a severe headache and nausea which has lasted a week straight so far.  My question is can this be withdrawal symptoms from stopping the pain med?
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Cindy - welcome.  Yes it sounds like withdrawals could be the what he is going thru.  With the dose he was on and taken correctly he should be about over the bad part. I'm not a doctor but unless he starts feeling better very soon, go talk to your doctor.  I think back when I was in those shoes years ago, when I felt bad I took more, and more, and more... make sure thats not his answer.

SCHLUB - how you doing my friend?  Still on the tapper from burp? Let me know how your doing.  My tapper hit a slight bump in the road but I'm getting back on track.  The depression made me slip but now I'm more depressed.  One of these days I'm gonna learn and have the strength.  I'm giving it my all.  Please let me know how you are.  Just concerned about you and what happened last time you stopped the burp.

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thank you nod for responding so quickly.  Earlier today when I wrote this he was laying on the couch, since then this afternoon he has already said he wanted to take another darovet to stop his headache and i told him not to.  I sure hope he listens to me and to your opinion.  Thanks again for your response.
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Best to let him make his own decisions about what to take and when. Depression, if he's got it, can only be withstood for limited periods. No one should have to experience depression, especially if there's a way out.

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i had two hernia surgeries in an eight month period. vicodin was prescribed 5/500. now im on vic es 12 a day. i tried to stop for one day and went through hell. i am scheduled to see a doc to help me and i am really scared. cindy it sounds like your husband is going through withdrawl but he is not to deep. tell him to fight it and get help if need be. if i new i was going to get this hooked i would have tried to stop sooner. any advice please and cindy good luck. god bless all. singer.
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Today is a day of renewal and rebirth! Let us all think of that as we struggle in our addictions. Today may be the rebirth of YOU.. It may be the stepping stone for someone to admit that they are an addict. Get those secrets out -- look in the mirror and say it out loud. Tell a loved one of your addiction. Remember that we addicts are among the smartest and most caring of people. Why do we need our pills or booze? the answer is FEAR. We all have it to some extent... It CAN be conquered! Ask your higher power to give you relief from the fear that controls our actions. TODAY! The day of RENEWAL and REBIRTH....

I LOVE you all. A big part of MY higher power IS this Forum.. You know what? I beleive GOD speaks through some of you to help those who need it most.

It's getting *LATE* -- Nighty night,

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i'ld just like to echo the above post (and i'm not even christian).
i can't remember where in the old testament it is, but i remember
a message to mankind: "for what died upon the cross today, was not
man, but fear itself!" a jewish friend in recovery told me this back in 1979. i often think about this when i feel the end of the
rope feels near at hand....sure i'll fall, but i'll fall into the
grasp of something more wonderious than my little drug addled brain
could ever comprehend!

so i'm all for renewal, rebirth, one more chance, a loving power
giving me one more shot at redemption... kind of makes me all help-
kess and secure all at once.

jesse, how is the weather down in sarpy county? it's beautiful in
douglas county!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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My husband recently stopped taking Vicodin after taking it for over a year.  He was up to 4-6 tabs a day, and realized that he needed to stop.

In addition to the feelings I have read about, he is having trouble sleeping due to lower body and leg aches- he descibes it as being numb, or that his legs and groin feel like they are asllep.  This is keeping him awake.

Any thoughts on what is causing this?
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Hiya, Kip-

Yeah ~~ Weather down here in Sarpy is GREAT too. I didn't realize you lived that FAR north of me.. Ha Hah! I know you said something in a post some time ago about "Things we have in common .. namely counties" -- I assumed you lived in Sarpy too! Anyhow, it's pretty cool knowing that a fellow aksarbener is on THIS post! Yep, it is a pretty good day down here... got the windows open, and the fresh air coming right in. Hope you're feeling O.K. today. I'm doing quite well myself. I've gotta say that my doc's new prescriptions are working wonders on the Neouropathy.. He's got me on 100Mgs of Amytripylene, 900 Mgs of Neurontin and still the low dose of Ultram (can't seem to kick that one yet)- However the neorontin is Acutually working... I finally feel *Less* pain if I miss the Ultram for 12 hours. The feet used to be almost unbearable 24hrs a day.. So something is doing the trick.

To all you posters and readers out there today: "ENJOY LIFE! IT IS A NEW DAY...."

See ya later-
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hi everyone and thanks to all, today my husbands seems to be a little better. I told him about this forum and how wonderful you all are.  I hope and pray for him and all of you.
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Hi everyone. I'm new: ) Never posted here before, but I have read alot of posts so far, since finding this board. I'm really glad to have found it too, it's doing me a world of good to know that there are other people out there that understand what it's like to be addicted. I feel alone alot of the time.
I have made the decision to quit cold turkey. I was taking 2-10 Vicoden a day for about a year and a half. I'm scared to death though. I'm not really aquainted with dealing with withdrawal, as this is the first time that I am truly "quitting." I've decided to try and sleep through the first few days, I came upon some mild non-narcotic tranquilizers that will knock me out. This is good because it not only calms my (jumpy and achy) nerves, but I also have a hard time sleeping when I don't have Vic's in my system. Has anyone else tried sleeping through the worst part of withdrawals?
Also, I am wondering if the length of the withdrawal symptoms depends on the amount of the drug you take. Since I wasn't taking a whole lot, does that mean it won't last as long or won't be as bad as if I was taking more than I was?
I'm trying to see what I'm in store for here...Thanks for any help, and good job and best of luck to all.: )
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work e-mail address is ***@****

this is just a pointer so if you ever e-mail me and i send some-
thing back you will proably see something real different. what
i ment to ask is would you be intrested in meeting for a cup of
coffee? perhaps somewhere in the old market area? no pressure, i
mean it's totally understandable if your not intrested. in my
defence, i'll probably be back on oxy and quit harmles. think a-
bout it and let me know.
keep an angel on your shoulder

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Hey, I'm new on this site too.  I can tell you alot about what your in store for as in I just went through it all. One thing I learned is that it takes apprx. 1 month for every year you have taken pain killers to leave your system.  I was on Lortab 10/500 and Oxy 40's & 80's (a cocktail of whatever I could get) maybe 5-12 a day (depending on if it was Lortab or Oxy).  This lasted apprx 7 years.  I can tell you and anyone out there in the beginning stages, GET OUT NOW!!!!! I ruined a decade of my life.  I will be 30 soon and I am finally sober and stable, unless you count the antidepressants.  Anyway, I did cold turkey in October, got so sick I thought I had anthrax or west nile for about 1 month.  Next month still crappy but could at least lay on the couch and watch the tele.  Then I decided to get off my then skinny butt and go the the Dr. to get on Buprenex.  I should have done that in the first place.  It is wonderful, no cravings, no pain, and they give you anti anxiety pills so you can sleep.  Just talk to a Dr.  But if you do this, don't stay on it too long, you can get addicted to this to.  But it is alot easier to ween off of than the Big Bad. Lots of luck to you! And I don't know about you but, I couldn't have done it without the hope and help of God.
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I am begining to feel that maybe the best thing to do is just end my life,i have a small child and she would forget me          ,now shes begining to see the real me.I look at all u wonderful people who r willing to share your story so to help someone else feel and get well,but i am in much deeper then anyone ive seen sharing. I can easily take 10-15 40mg oxycotin in 24 hr,really 13 because im nodding off alot these days, I dont drink but i also take regular perc,im just numb.  Im trying to think about getting straight, ive even been to a few na meetings,but ive got scared and now am having a hard time going back.If withdrawl is hell for those of u that r taking 4-10 reg perc what is it going t obe for me?i take 100plus.its allconsuming to me right now, i find it more on my mind then getting new drugs but i still keep getting them. I would love to go into a detox but have noone to lrave the baby,and Im afraid that the state will take her If i ask for help so maybe it would be better to just let go so she gets a chance,I know im too sefish to let her go as long as im living. I am sorry to bum all of u out, I know u are totaly strangers and dont need my **** but im losing ground fast here and im getting frightened
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Listen up NOW! Don't you DARE think that killing yourself would "Help" your child. It is the most SELFISH thing you could possibly do right now.

The possible Future:

"Ashley, where's your mom?"
"she can't be here..."
"She didn't wan't me to suffer, so she killed herself."
"What the hell?!"
"Yeah... She thought it would be better this way. I don't have to deal with the shame of having a drug-addict mother."
"Who kisses you goodnight?"
"My foster family. they really like me... a lot. my new dad likes to give me massages, but sometimes, he touches funny places."
"My GOD!"
"I wish Mommy was here, She could take me away from these people. but she didn't really love me. she killed herself."

DON'T you EVER have that thought again. The pain you would cause by that selfish act is WORSE than if you KILLED your child. You need to get it through your head that YOU are the most important thing in that child's life. REMEMBER that. And also, your habit is NOT way worse than everybody here. There are many of us who could consume/snort/inject enought dope to kill a horse, and still do a pretty fine job at typing posts like this one. Dammit! Do whatever it takes to make life better for yourself and your child. If you are willing to give your LIFE for her, aren't you willing to suffer through some withdrawls?

You think about this. You KNOW I am right. If God put me here for only one mission on this planet, I'll take this.... You THINK ABOUT THIS....

777 warm comfort love
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first of all, welcome to the forum! there will always be room for
just one more junky in here, so come on in!

stick with us and i'm sure you will find someone who has done drugs
as ecsessively as you. i don't have any answers for your problems,
but i do believe this forum's participants can help. please keep in
mind that there is a way through this! keep posting and we may be
able to help you find the way through this!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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thanks i needed that, i am so tired of begin invsable i love my baby more then my breath but i know that is not enough. I have been trying but no one seems to have time or care. I know that I sound like im having a pity party but i can t help  itand everyone ive approached for help seem to have forgotten how scary it is or maybe they just dont give a s---.I know that no one can do this for me,im not asking for that but im frightenedand very overwhelmed, For the first few days of having no support it was ok  I was angry and it motivated me,but now im tired and feeling alone   i needed your kind words, I needed someone just to see i am here .
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thank u too.
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Meagain- thank goodness you found this site. Really and truly even though it seems hopeless right now it is not. As an addict I know that from time to time I feel that I am so profoundly and specially screwed up that I am beyond help. This "terminal uniqueness" is kind of inherent in addiction. Addiction isolates us and causes us to believe all sorts of **** about ourselves that is absolutely untrue. First of all, you are not a bad person, just one afflicted with an illness that can be overcome. You are on the right path, #1- you admitted you have a problem and are reaching out for help, you have realized you cannot do this alone. This forum is one tool to help you. You have some other things available to you as well. NA/AA, you went and boy is it scary! I remember the first time I went to a meeting, I sat there with sweaty palms, shaking, feeling completely alone in a roomful of people. Acutally I felt that way most of the time anyway. But keep going back, scary I know, but if you give it a shot you will find someone there you can connect with.Try to go back again.  You may indeed need some medical help at some point for detox. Do you have family to help you with the baby? There are some outpatient programs available, let your fingers do the walkin thru the yellow pages in your phone book under addiciton, treatment, counseling, etc. Just call and get info, you dont even have to leave your house to do this.
     And remember, as far as your darling baby is concerned, there is no such thing as "better off" without you. Take care, please keep posting.  IR
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you sound just like i have felt so many times.  somebody said in a post to you that you've made the first step - you have.  please don't even think suicide is an option, and as far as giving your child away, think of this:  i was adopted - i grew in a family that, financially, could provide me with anything, my parents are very well-educated, and to everyone else it looked like i had a wonderful life.  i always felt something was missing - i am very different from everyone else in my family...i am the _uck up.  my mother has criticized me all my life and still does to this day.  i have started to look for my birth mother - every adopted child feels this way at some point i think.  i just feel the NEED to know why she gave me up, does she have addiction problems too?  there are so many questions - there have always been so many questions for me. look, i didn't have the worst life - definitely not, but being adopted is no bed of roses either.  when you feel bad, just post - there's always someone who will answer...
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I want to thank everyone for taking time to talk to me . I feel better now,the nights are the hardest,when its quiet i cant stop thinking you know.I will tell u something that I relized after my 2nd  meeting that it has been YEARS since ive thought about me,I mean not ONE  thought about myself, I relizes after my 3 yr old  played dress up that i dont even have 1 mirror in the house except a small cracked one in the bath so i dont even have to look at my self,wierd huh?I think about the baby and how much my husbands changed and when the house goes quiet,I take many pills to nod off just so I dont have to see me.After taking a good look at myself I relized that I woundnt give someone like me a second look so y would someone else.I used to have friends,be funny,carry on intellgent converstions and now nothing,Im a blob sitting in a dark room screaming loudly but no one hears me,so thank you for noticeing me,I was begining to think i was invsable.
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you really need to go and talk with someone - a dr. or counselor or someone...it kills me to hear someone who is so obviously in pain.  are you taking any antidepressants?  that might help you...after taking opiates for awhile, your brain doesn't recognize pleasure on its own...you're going to need some help with this.  the board is great, but i really think you need real, human contact.  please, pick up the phone and call someone.
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Meagain, That funny intelligent girl is still there. It's still you. She's just a little obscured by her addiction right now but she's still around. For me, addiction was always about running from my pain and from myself. I did not have phsycial pain like so many on this board, mine  was all in my heart and head but I needed to numb it to funciton or so I thought. You are not a blob in the dark, that girl is screaming to come back. Let her. We'll help you. You can help too, keep posting, check out meetings or some other kind of help. There's some light at the end of all these tunnels. Really. IR
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I just recently stopped taking lortabs after 2 years. I cleaned up my act because I also have a small child. I weaned myself off slowly which from what I understand minimizes withdrawel symptoms. Weaning off was still very hard, and you are right about night time being the worst. I feel much better now that I'm off them. I would suggest trying to find an outpatient doctor that can help u so babysitting won't be such a problem. There are medications ( non addicitve ) that can also help with withdrawel symptoms. At one point I was taking 30 pills a day. There is help out there. Do it for yourself. I've never been to an NA meeting but perhaps u are not ready for that yet. You need to seek help immediatly!!! Please don't harm yourself. I was terrified to quit but now that I have I am beginning to see things differently. I feel something I havent felt in a long time, PEACE. Also, if u are addicted to drugs, the amount doesn't matter so don't feel u are worse off than others. Please get help, get your life back, u deserve it.
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SAVD---seems like there are so many of you and me who read the post ,but don't have a lot of free tme to post.
My BEST to all of you out there who are trying so hard and
to all who are READING-and posting-we keep each other going.

soooooooo much informaiton and compasion here!! join for a day a month or just continue reading the messages--there is so much to get out of this board,informational and supportive**

SAVD please let me know how long is TOO long on Bup--I'm on a slowwww program--suppose to take 6-8n weeks, althogh I have recently noticed people in his office that seem to have been coming a long time--almost like they are "addicted" what is the WD like, the same as perc's?

Hi GROOVY I join your concerns with the wanting of the Bup?
Hi to SCHULB hope your well keep us up on the Bup if you can plz
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