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Id first like to say, joining this forum is my first decision in improving my current quality of life......Now, has anyone had experience in the withdrawal that comes with the use of hydrocodone? How long does the" flu" last? My treatment is ongoing, but as a full time student, I need more control. I've been in the bed for a month. Suffering from pain from endodemetriosis, polycystic ovaries, and migraines. I have no health insurance, so I use a community care center, and the doctor there just bandaids this all with opiates. I feel as if I am addicted now, but what am I to do? I asked him about helping me to get off, but then what am I to do about my pain? I've have four laporascopic procedures, only to be back at square one 6 months later. I have no kids, but would like one someday. Surely there is a woman on here, or someone with experience that can help me.
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Thanks so much.
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welcome here :)... i do hope you will improve your quality of life, prayn4better... you deserve it. I have experience with the use of hydrocodone but not with the type of pain you are going through but i know that others here have it so i am bumping up your thread so that it doesn't get overlooked, ok ? I am sure some members will come with helpful advices on managing the migraines and the pain from the rest of your medical issues..Hope so !!

about how long the flu last... it depends on the age and the years using and the substance but most of us "had" it for 7 / 10 days... being the 3rd and 4th day the worst ... it is doable and i would advice you to read the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol on the health pages ( right side of the screen ) where you can find some advices and OTC stuff you could take to help you with wds
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