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taking subs for tramadol withdrawl

hey im on day 5 of no tramadols for taking 8 50mg pills a day..the suboxone helped me make it to day 5 and im wondering how long will the withdrawl be i used just one 12mg strip i broke it into really small pieces with lasted me until aroundd 12oclock this afternoon...will i still got thru withdrawls from the tramadols since the subs are gone....
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Am I understanding correctly that you made 1 12mg strip last for 5 days....so the most you took was 12 mg?

I'm thinking you will feel some w/d still but shouldn't be as hard as it was days 1-5.  But I would also suggest that you be done with the subs as of NOW!  Don't take anymore.  It's Friday, so I would just not take anymore and plan on getting on the sofa or bed and doing nothing for the next couple of days.  

BTW....you will get through the w/d withOUT the subs...it's doable...it SUCKS....but it's totally doable!

Many prayers coming your way.
yes it was 12 mg...just trying find the best way to stop tramadol with out withdrawals....thanks for the advice its been hard but im trying
Hi Johnny Congrats on your Quit! If there was a way to avoid wd Believe me one of us would have found it by now. Trams is hard as it has like a antidepressant in it This makes the mental even harder when quitting! You need to move as much as you can No sitting on the couch this will make it seem longer and worse walk walk walk Your brain needs those feel good endorphins Anything that gets your body moving! Force it as you will not feel like it but once you do You Will feel a difference in how you feel and think. Sunshine and water will also help a lot Do not get dehydrated as it will make everything worse. Turning to drugs to get off drugs usually leads us to other drugs so I hope you have put away the sub. Hit some meeting AA NA for outside support. Doing this alone is hard mentally challenging it is amazing how support can give us the boost we need to climb the hurdles! Congrats again! lesa
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