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tapering now, methadone and darvon napsylate

hi, i've been on here a few times.  i was taking average 50mg hydro or oxy (whichever i could get) for about 8 months, before that 20mg hydro for almost 1 1/2 years.  i have gone through heroin withdrawal three times in last 7 years.  anyhow.  i was down to about 15mg hydro daily for last week.  yesterday i took a 10mg methadone tablet, i felt ok (no withdrawal for over 24 hours), started getting stomach cramping and my throat was making a fizzing sound (this is what happens to me when i start going into withdrawal.) i am going to attempt to take 1 darvon napsylate 100mg three times a day for three days then 2 times a day for three days then 1 time a day for three days.  i have a few ativan for the rough parts and 3 seroquel and some trazadone for sleep.  also clonidine but i'm not gonna take that unless i have to.  do you think this schedule will have me off the pills in 9 days?  any ideas will help thank you
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sounds good in therory... i have never used it this way so I don't know.. I will say though to take advantage of the clonidine if you can... it can help more than i can even explain even more than benzo's.. IF they are 0.1 mgs you can take them 3x per day.. they help with alot of symptoms from sweats/chills and restlessness..
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yes, i know the clonidine will help (they helped tremendously with a two year heroin habit) but they make me very tired, i have so much i need to do can't afford to be slowed down unless i really need them.  thank you for the input
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Have you taken Seroquel before? I took one Sunday night and it really screwed me up for a whole day or more. I had the worst anxiety in my life for 2 hours until it knocked me out, and the next day I felt like I was underwater all day. Never again! I'm not discouraging you from taking it (it did help me sleep), I'm just saying that you might want to use it as a last resort if you've never tested it before.
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Oh yeah, I used clonidine too. Great stuff for me anyway. Reduced my symptoms from 10's to 3-4's. I took 1-2 .1mg tabs 2-3 times a day (I'm a big guy).
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