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telling loved ones about addiction

so here goes, ive had enough. i hate life sooo much these days... been snorting oxys everyday about 180 mg over a day.... i got prescribed them for shoulder pain and reconstructed surgery and all that crap.... so now i really dont have much pain and i just snort them to get high... i buy them on the street now cuz really i dont need them anymore.. My parents and gf know i took them before but dont know im now physically dependent on them and cant function with out them... i want to tell them so bad. im on the edge of doing it but dont want them to hate me forever or leave.... anyone give me some advice or gone through this and tell me it works out? i could just quit cold turkey and pretend im sick but i hate going through this and feel like im the only one on earth. fml my mom knows somethings up cuz im in tears but i wont tell her cuz im so scared.... should i tell everyone? or should i just try and do it by myself and go to n/a or something? im just at the end of the line with this... i want my life back, i want to be happy, i want my damn money to stay in my pocket... its my girlfriends birthday this weekend as well and ive been thinking about quitting tomorrow but then id be a wreck until at least next week... her birthday is on st pattys day.... please someone help, i dont know what to do anymore
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I was addicted to Norco 10mg for about 2 yrs. My doc actually gave them to me after a complicated birth of my son and kept giving them to me every month from then on. Anyway I was terrified to tell my husband. But I did and he was so so supportive. You definitley need a good support system to help you through this. Its almost impossible to go at it alone. If your family and girlfriend truly love you they will help you through this. Nobody sets out to become an addict to these pills. It happens to the best of us. They will probably understand more than you think they will. They may already have an idea.
I'm 7 days clean now and feel so much better. The pain of detox wont last forever only about a week, give or take. Its the mental anquish and anxiety that will get you. You have to be strong and dedicated to get clean. I'm still struggling with the mental part and know that I will for awhile but I'm prepared for it and my family does know and they help me through it.
Try hot baths and a heating pad for those aching/burning/crawling muscles. It really does help. Also walking will help with the restless legs. I know it sounds crazy to walk when you feel so bad, but it really does help.
Good luck to you!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon.! Stay strong, it really does get better.
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Are you planning on telling them and asking for their help? If so it may work out for you but if you are doing it just to dump the guilt then I don't suggest it. Check your motives and make sure you have a plan. Be prepared that they may or may not respond positively.

No matter what happens I hope you get and stay clean. I wish you the best.
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whats up man,glad u posted..i hated the way life was for me also,thats why i quit 5 days ago..you can do this if u really want to..i was takn 4 to 8 a day..percs.10mg..wds were and still is not fun...but day 5 is way better than first three days..lots advice on here...heres some..get clean for you....dig deep and prepare yourself for a fight....good luck.
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You can do this... I was on 300 mg of oxy a day and decided enough was enough.  I quit cold turkey.  It was rough to start but well worth every second of discomfort.  Today is 36 days and I can honestly say I feel pretty damn decent. I would absolutely tell your mom if you can.  The relief you will feel and accountability you will gain is priceless.  Please keep posting and update us on your situation.  Choose to do this..... If you commit it will be the best choice you ever made.  
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Hi and welcome! You have already been given some excellent advice. I would just add that as a mother, if my son came to me, certainly I would be sad and hurt for him, but it would hurt even more for him to continue down that path. I would do everything in my power to help. The question is, do you want help? If you do, then go to your mom and tell her and also have a heart-to-heart with your gf. They have probably already noticed a difference in your behavior and know something is wrong. Come up with a plan. The withdrawals, while pretty bad, are easy compared to mentally fighting the urge for the pills. Find some sort of aftercare group. There are many different types of them out there. Learn what can trigger your use and plan how to deal with it.

Good luck and keep posting,

Minn :)
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part of my recovery was telling my daughter, husband, son and doctor.  It helped so much!  My son is a little judgmental and actually the hardest to tell, but he has supported me as has the others.  All I can say is that it really helped me!  It was hard to do, but glad I did.
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I'm getting ready to tell my boyfriend about my coke addiction. I told my mom today. i've been battling it for ten years. She had no idea. I missed work yesterday, no call no show, because i was so high. So I just said screw it- i'm tired of making up lies and excuses. It's time to be honest, and start being held accountable. My boss was so supportive- told me that I'm doing the right thing, and I still have my job i just need to take action. I'm just so scared that my boyfriend is going to flip out and think that I'm a loser, or that I'm weak willed or have a moral deficiency. I don't know how to begin the conversation.
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