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tennis elbow/ and pain

hey everbody , ive been here everday at this fourm since
march 02 and i have been clean off 15 vike,s a day habit.
since good friday the last friday in aprial.
i went cold turkey, i just could not taper at all.
when i got here i was a mess and i was scard, i thought i was going to have to go to a detox or a rehab.
well when i got here i heard about the  thomas's receipe.
so i got right on it, it really helped me with the severe depression that comes  with withdrawls , and it helped  with the lack of energy.  previous to the  2 and a half year vike habit .
i was clean in na for 15 years , the 1st year of the vike habit
i took them as prescribed 4 a day then a few close people in my life dying  withen a year sent me over the edge.

now i am clean agian , but i have  sever pain with tennis elbow,
i have never had it before, i have been resting it for 10 days and it is not improving , i see and ortopetic dr . on wensday
so i will find out more .
but  i was hoping for sme advice about what to do with  this elbow. i have a wrap and i have  an ice pac and heating pad .
what do i do. should i exersize it and how.

thanx for any help in advance  

michael, im 43   peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I certainly understand your reluctance to use any type of opiate pain reliever for your elbow...I would certainly stay away from that myself...I am guessing that regular antiprositglandins like ibuprophin, or acetominaphin, and asprin are not making a dent?

The degree of pain that you sound like you are experiencing really sounds beyond anything I've had to deal with personnally (although I suppose I will be in your shoes some day since I am clean 11 days and opiates are out for me from now on)....I do have djd in both knees and my left hip from years of various sprorts especially riding.  That causes a mid range pain when it acts up...my Dr gave me something called Vioxx (sp?) which is a non narcotic.  Have you talked to yor Dr about alternatives to narcotic pain relievers?  maybe they can give you something non narcotic to help until you see the ortho
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I miss you man...you are in my heart...please be alright...prayers

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Hey Hippy,
   Are you taking anything like Motrin or Aleve? Sounds like the resting it is a good start. I have no exercises to recommend but the Motrin or Aleve should help. Kip and I both get 800mg prescription strength Motrin for various owies and it does seem to help. The OTC Motrin ( ibuprofen) is 200 mg per tab. You could probably take more than the 400mg recommended dose but dont exceed 2400mg per day ( that is 800mg three times a day) and if you have any renal problems avoid it like the plague. Hopefully the ortho doc will do a steroid injection. I looked at a couple of websites that had info about tennis elbow ( a.k.a. lateral epicondylitis) and they all said pretty much the same thing, rest, NSAIDs maybe a sling, and massage. I dislocated my elbow a couple of years back by just picking up a heavy suitcase and it hurt like a mother so I kinda know how you feel.  Congrats on your clean time, I too celebrated one of several years this spring. This has been a painful and challenging year for me so far and several situations now threaten to push me over the edge too but reading your posts and those of all the other good hearts on this forum always helps. Let us know what the ortho doc says. Take care.

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thanks pon. been checking in on the site. just not too thrilled with things lately.
took my wife out for italian. her favorite. Couple bottles of Dom and here I am. Back to reality. and it sucks. But I will tell ya, I did have fun.

Ps haven't drank in a long time.
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Pon, thanks again. I got it together.

It doesn't matter how we got here, its that we make it out that matters...only then will we be truly free.

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Hello everyone:
     I haven't posted since mid June, when I was quite happy to be free of a 15 to 20 per day hydro-10 habit.  Somehow I allowed myself to get sucked back in in early July - it was a combination of: 1) a minor guilt trip from someone who said they went out on a limb to obtain a bunch for me and said they would be in big trouble if I backed out; and 2) my idea that I could do things differently - i.e. it wasn't necessarily the use, it was the EXTENDED use that caused a problem.
     Well, we all know how that worked out - if I was OK with limited use I wouldn't have found this site in the first place!  So, the rest of July, all of August and a bit of September was a constant use/search.  I had a few days of feeling wonderful.  But very quickly it was just using to avoid feeling like ****/going into wd.  I tried to taper a few times in this period but always ended up blowing that.  Finally in early September I had a long talk with my brother and set up a firm schedule with hime holding everything.  That seems to have worked.  I'm now on day 5 of 100% free and already feeling good again.  I went slowly enough that there really was no wd to speak of, but I did have 2 days were I felt tired and and fairly run down.
    I've been lurking here a lot since well before the taper started.  Even though I was behind the scenes, you have all helped me a great deal.  Just wanted to say thanks.  Hopefully I've learned my lesson this time.  Right now I'm not even going to worry about never using again, I'm just going to not use anything today.
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welcome back man...I KNOW it sucks, but what you will have when you come out the other side is worth it...hang in there...you are some much stronger than you yourself realize.  You have done very well...you have been given an incredible burden to carry and a tremendous fight to win.  You will win it...it may just take some time.

Please do not lose heart you are doing well for yourself & your wife...and you are helping so many other people here too.  You are going to make it Chezz...it is going to be hard, very hard...but you can do it and you will.

Give yourself a chance to look at things objectively...what if it had been Jeff or me who had fallen, what would you have said to us?  I think you know the answer, hell you're the most supportive person I've met in a long time....do the objective thinking and apply the same compassion you would give to others to yourself.  You are a good person and you desrve it...you have earned it.

Glad it is back together....we're here for you, you be there for yourself too...not so hard on yourself...please.

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if it's not one thing it's another huh?  do you have to play tennis to get tennis elbow, or is that just the diagnosis?  i used to play tennis with my dad, but he wound up getting that also.  my husband also has had stuff similar to what you have, and i bought him zyflamend - it helped him a great deal.  it's something you can get in a healthfood store. it helps with inflammation, joint and muscle injuries and a bunch of other stuff - hope you feel better:)
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thanks  for all your advice,  last night i took 600 ibu
before i went to bed it must have worked on the inflamation
because i woke up for the 1st time in 2 weeks and the arm was not thobbing in pain. it was just hurting around the funny bone.
groovy i will get that stuff today at the gnc store, i have to
pic up some l-tyrosine while im there.
ya injuries are tough to deal with, when they persist.
i will try to work this week, but i will take it easy.

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...working out in a gym for the last 18 years, I've seen (and felt)some of the worst 'tennis elbow'.
Lots of people have had success with Glucosamine Sulphate;Turmeric Extract, and Bromelain....that is of course if one doesn't want to inject a couple cc's of Deca Durabolin into ones glutes.
Just a suggestion(hopefully u r already on the mend with the IB)
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