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thank you

I know this forum is for addicts helping addicts and I may not totally fit in here but I do so appreciate the advice and teh knowlege. Getting the know addiction is helping me cope where alanon did not really help as much with that. THank you all for your time and encouragement. My husband will be on here as I have emailed him the link and I know he will be in the right place. Have kids fighting must run. thanks again
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thank you and I hope people here at this site were able to answer your questions even though some of the answers may of been very hard for you to swallow.
You touched on something close to me and that is how Al-Anon was not able to help you to your satisfaction.
I work as a Volunteer at Al-Anon, I have been trying to gain employment there in the hopes of further education to those non-addicts desperately seeking help and answers to very tough questions.
I was just offered an interview but it is in Toledo Ohio and that is just to far away. I will continue to try to find employement at Al-Anon here in Michigan. I think I could be an asset to them the trick is trying to get them to feel the same way.

good luck to you
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