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the Alley diet-add on to charlie girl post

Oh yeah, wanted to add, my mom calls it the "alley" diet. she said the first time I went to rehab she lost weight. Anyone wanna lose a few pounds, come hang out with me for awhile. i'll show you how....   :D

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Ive lost about 20 pounds over my taper.  i am normally 58" 140 down to around 120lbs.  Not complaining.........get to bring out all the old really cute clothes.......funny how most of them are back in style.

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yea im lovin it. got a whole lot of new clothes since detox...
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how come im gaining ive gained 8 bls i dont like it i dont fell comfortable,huggsssssss snow.
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did you just quit the pills? you could be bloated? or were you underweight?
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im tappering off for 28 days know im down to to 6 a day im a normal good weight but gaining everyday ,i find it so hard ,im wondering if anyone has had sucess in quiting xanax ,so all i do is eat i  quess its comfort food something to replace the xanax its so hardddddddd .
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youre probably all stopped up if you know what I mean. And all that food is it protein? Because when I was in detox, all I ate was cheese and beef jerky and the nurse told me to stop. No wonder I gained weight like I did. So I did the prune juice on ice and milk of mag and that worked great within hours. Also when I got home from detox, I did an enema. Sounds gross but they dont hurt at all, arent uncomfortable and they work in seconds. When you finally quit, all that weight will probly drop off. Its all the c r a p stuck in you. You just need a few good diareah sessions lol. And youll get that when youre thru with the meds.
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  for me its all sweets chocalates donuts any thing that  says sweets ill be diabetic by the time im finish ,its so true i never can go i gonna blow soon lol ill have to get that prune juice .i sure hope the weight will come off its making me nervous.huggsssssss snow.
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hey hun...are you getting my e-mails???
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hi i miss ya i never get any of your emails i sent some but never heard from you missss ya snow
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thanks for mentioning me in your post.  So do you think that alcohol is the main culprit for keeping the weight on,or is it the pills?  I'm definatly not heavy but I used to be so skinny.  Did you loose a ton of weight after detox?  

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i know some people who are the opposite of us and lose weight from drinking...i know alcohol is the main reason i gain weight but the pills are definitely gonna bloat you. ive lost 30 pounds since i left detox august 13th or so.
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