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the Holidays

Hello med help family...im grateful to be here grateful to be here clean....the holidays can be a very trying time for addicts the stress of extended family.. being around dinner wine and alachol flows in many family's you need to be extra vigelent about your recovery  this means more meetings as well as keeping your guard up  holidays are always stressful  trying to prepare a good meal  people staying over is all stressful as addict most of us do not deal with stress well and the addict inside screams at you to use...just know with time it gets better and just because you feel like using doesent mean you have to..  we all have to become a member of the ''we dont pick up no mater what club'' I wish you all a safe and clean holiday may God bless all of you abundantly your community leader and fellow addict Mark
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Thanks Mark!
Nice post for sure!

We do not have any one over for Thanksgiving. Just have it with the Hub. Do not do Christmas either, maybe a few gifts here and there, but no tree or decorations. Just kind of grew out of it. I do celebrate Christmas with the Churches.

I have to keep my Guard Up for other reasons around this Time of the Year.
It is going on 2 yrs now since I had lost my parents and so forth. Nov, Jan and Feb was when I had lost them all. I seem to cycle back when these times come around. It has been a long, long time since I had lost my lil brother on Christmas day. SO yes, this is a hard time of the Year and I do have to UP my Support a bit more.

Thank You for reminding me to hit more meetings.

Bless U
Vickie..a new CL here too and a Recovering Addict.

PS. Sometimes these Snow storms make it so I can not get internet. Hugs!
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I was going to put one of these up tomorrow and now i dont have to!!

This is the time of the year where we all need to be thankful for all we have.  We are alive!!  Family gatherings can be stressful so if it gets to be too much take a step back and take some deep breaths.  We can pick our battles now.  Dont forget we are open here 24 hrs a day so post away if need be.  Stay close to those who support you.

I will be spending a few incredible hours with my babies before i have to work Thanksgiving night.  I will be in 7th heaven with all 3 of them gathered around me.  My recovery has given me and my family back.

I wish you all peace, harmony, serenity and day filled with love~   sara
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You all are so wonderful, thank you for being here. I think the Holidays are the hardest, I am more emotional during these times.
I hope everyone has a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
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As usual, I'm totally making myself sick with anxiety and worry...did I call everyone, is there enough food, is my house clean enough, blah, blah, blah!!! Thank God I have to chair a meeting tonight b/c I totally need one! I don't fully understand why I do this to myself every damn holiday????  Bringing food to our local n/a clubhouse for tomorrow since there will be round the clock mtgs!!! Kind of glad that's there....back to real life.....people stay close and remember don't use.....no matter what!!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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