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the holidays

Hello M/H family grateful to be here grateful to be clean....the holidays can be a tuff time for a lot of us it is a time of stress and sadness for many of us  it is also the time of relapse .....for many of us it is the first time we will face family clean  even strate that is hard for many of us  it is life on lifes terms my advise is work your aftercare for me that has been  N/A if your struggling get to a meeting or step up how many you go to N/A usually runs them 24 hours both Christmas eve and day if it is your first meeting go with a open mind you dont even need to talk the meeting really help me I wish you all a merry Christmas may God bless you all abundantly your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Awesome post....the holidays ARE stressful, and honestly, at different times of the day i can tell, this is where i would have taken a pill. But on the other hand...im grateful to not be counting pills today, making dr appts so i have enough to last me till they open after holidays, not having to call my contact to make sure i know where he's going to be....I wa told by my sponser, just keep doing the next right thing, so thats what im trying to do. Baking my *** off today...for tomorrow at work. Im grateful that i was asked to speak at our Friday night mtg....i feel very honored (and scared ********)....but am working with sponser, reading N/A book, working steps and helping others.
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Your so right. My family is doing Christmas this evening, only time to get all the kids together. I'm very grateful to be awake for it, lol.
I'm hitting a lot of meetings. They are the safe place to be.
Also there are a lot of area events through New Years.  Be open. Give yourself a break & have some fun!!!!!
Be blessed!!!
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Great post, Mark. So true, it can feel so lonely, too. I'm hitting all my same meetings. And extra. Here in LA, we even have midnite meetings.

Motye, thanks for writing out exactly what I used to do, too. Trying to convince the dr. to give me extra pills and all the insanity. Yuck!!! Thanks for the reminder!
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Awesome post,
And yes the Holidays are overwhelming, especially in the beginning. I too plan on being at a round the clock 12 step programs going on Christmas Eve thru Christmas night, hitting my regular meetings in between. NA and AA meetings generally are the same as any other day. Especially on the Holidays. Look on line, or find a schedule book and go. You'll find a lot of hope, support and understanding on those days, as everyone is there for the same reason. They don't want to get high.
I choose not to do the family stress of the holidays, made a choice to postpone our get together, to avoid other using family members, nor will I attend any parties where alcohol will be served, triggering me to want to use to feel part of. I worked to hard to get clean to blow it either the stress or elation of the season. Spent too many years wasted thru the Holidays ... Chasing higher highs.
For those struggling, it's ok, have a plan. Or make one to get clean if you haven't yet. To those who of us who are free of this addiction for today, may we remain ever grateful.
Thank you Mark for your post.
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Over 7 months clean, and EXTREMLY grateful to be gifted the freedom to make healthy choices today ! And to have choices today !
Peace filled Holidays Everyone
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Thanks for that post Mark! I hope everyone gets through the holidays healthy and unscathed. Merry Christmas to you.
X. C.
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Awesome post. Thanks, Gnarly!  I am terrified for the weekend but hope to be celebrating some clean days for the start of 2015.  Blessings to all, this group is a gift.
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Great post!

I hate Christmas.  The commercialism, the spending, the booze..yuk!

I usually have an open house Christmas Eve..this year, I am NOT.  My husband put his foot down and said "nope...you're not letting a bunch of relatives you can't stand anyways come here and get drunk and treat our house like a hotel room."  

So...it will be just me, hubby, and daughter (26) for Xmas Eve.  I'm making filet mignon and baked stuffed shrimp (I'm a home chef...LOVE to cook!)  

Christmas Day it will be just the 3 of us and 2 of my GF's whom I've known forever.  Low key (Lasagna for dinner!)

Merry Christmas to you, honey.   Seriously though, the happiest day of the year for me is 12/26.....sorry to be a Scrooge!

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I hear you on the stressful Christmas.  I really don't like it AT ALL.  I tried to put my foot down this year, but my man LOVES Christmas and I love him so....I drew a line in the sand and my alcoholic aunt who nearly killed herself with booze earlier this month is not welcome.  I have the right to bail on anything that feels like too much pressure and makes me feel bad about everything.  I'm going shoe shopping with my mom because it makes me feel good.
I'm with you Robin- BRING ON BOXING DAY!!

Happy Holidays to you all.  May you feel peace in your hearts, and warmth in your tummies.
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Thank you for the post. My days of a stressful Christmas are over. It is just hubby and I since we moved and we enjoy shopping for supper today and cooking together and relaxing together. I do miss my family though and a part of me wishes they were here. If I could pick and choose which ones it would be good.

Even with time behind me and even with the stress out of the way I am no stranger to cravings during the holiday season so I do what was suggested..I step up my meetings and stay close to my NA family and my MH family.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Stay safe and stay clean.
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