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the switch

i have been on methadone for about 3 years i was on 100 ml but now am on 65ml i have a script of saboxin and want to take it to beat this for good i have friends who took for only a week and beet the w.d. symptoms.any thoughts on this will i feel crapy for a couple days after the script is out. talk back thanx
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Yeah i thought thats what i did but i will try again. thanks!
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Hi and welcome to the forum!
You answered a pretty old post and it might get unnoticed... What you could do is paste what you wrote and start you own tread by clicking on "post a question".
I'm sure you'll find a lot of support on here.
Best of luck to you.
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Hi i am looking for anyone that has sucessfully switched from a low dose of methadone to subxone for detox purposes only. I am down to 12 mg of methadone and have felt fine and still feel fine but from what i have read when you get down to 5 it becomes really hard so i was thinking about switching to subxone. I know when i was on 85 mg i missed the clinic one day and i had just started on methadone so didnt know much about it and i was really sick and had a subxone so i took it and within 15 min i was the sickest i have ever been in my life. It threw me into immediate withdrawl way worse then comin off dope. Just wondering if the case is the same when your on a lower dose. please write if you have any info.
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One of our members wait2long she went from methadone onto sub ...Send her a PM she can give you alot of info . I think you have to be on a lower amount of methadone to switch over . She is super helpful ....... good luck ,post often.....
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Yes...have seen some on here use sub for methadone withdrawal...talk to ur doctor for the amount of time u need to be off the methadone before u can start the suboxone...good luck
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