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the weather is bad and is making me feel trapped and anxious.

the outdoors have been my savior the past week and now it is raining and my mind is going crazy. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack. What do I do when my "hobby" is unavailable? I've been pretty strong through this and I feel it slipping away all because of a rainy day. I need some encouragement fast!
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What about a movie?  Or reading - or cleaning, or calling a good friend to talk?  There are a ton of things you can do inside - you just have to add MEANING to those things.  :)
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What ever you do -dont let it slip away. You have come so far.  Put on some good upbeat music and crank it loud. something that makes you want to dance around the house-my kids think i'm crazy when i do it - but it helps. Keep posting. TEENA
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You could try watching some funny movies (comendy)..and get some good laughs
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that last part made me laugh. Thanks for that. And I wish I had the energy to clean the house... After the past few weeks it sure needs it. I've got to make myself get up cause this is NOT working. Maybe a shower sounds good. It just makes me feel better to vent my feelings and get such great support so fast. Ugh... I used to love the rain, but it is not helping me at all right now.
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ya... Something else than law and order. That sure isn't helping my situation. I really think I do this to myself subconsciously somehow. Any excuse to doubt myself, right... I guess that's just part of the recovery, learning how not to sabitague (sp?) myself.
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I'm glad i made you laugh- here's more- picture this 45 yr young woman doin the running man, roger rabbit, cabbage patch,dougie and cat daddy- My kids hit the floor in hysterics-I just keep dancin! TRy it.
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