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thinking about going cold turkey off of hydro this weekend

I have been taking hydro or lortab for about a year now recreationally. I am up to 90-100mg per day. I sometimes will even snort some morphine if I am low on lortab supply. I went to a doctor the other day for help and he prescribed me colonodine. I was hoping this would help with the withdrawals and I could get started that day, but when i took the colonodine is started to hallucinate and hear voices in my head. I got really scared and decided I could not take this med. My doctor also prescribed me to zoloft, which I started today at 50 mg. I am seriously dreading the thought of quitting hydro cold turkey, but also am furious with myself that I ever got on them in the first place. I am in my last year of college and have a heavy load this semester. My excuse has been that I do not have time to be sick and get off of the pills...but I feel completely helpless on them now and know it is do or die, now or never. I have a fall break monday and tuesday so I wanted to start my detox on friday since I will have the two extra days. I know how I feel when I wake up in the morning without the hydros just for a few hours and I am in a panic, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats--until i finally get some, so I know this is going to be terrible. Has anyone out there been through this?  Is there any advice you can give me? I need to be strong and I need to do this but it is hard doing it on your own. PLease help me,
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Now or never.  I'm on day 8 and my mind is already more clear.  The panic is mostly gone.  I like your plan but I would start NOW.  You will be DOWN for 4-5 days.  Day 2-3 were the worst for me.  Look into the Thomas recipe.  It helps a lot.  Drink as much fluid as possible and make sure to eat (you wont want to).  If you dont do it now when will you?  You dont want to finish college and head out into the world with a pill problem.  You need to WILL yourself to do it.  It is possible!  The posts on this site SAVED me.  I know it sux right now.  I know it sux more in a few days.  But I pulled it off.  So can you.  Day one could be tomorrow:)
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Honestly, your addiction is bad but not as bad as some. I used for over 15 years, the last two I used 10 to 12 Norco 10s a day (100 - 120 mg daily).
21 months ago I went cold turkey. It was hell for about 5 days. Hundreds of us have been through detox. Some are still clean, others relapse.
Bottom line, there are things that help with withdrawal, but it is still hell. As it should be. You've put crap in to your body now you have to pay.
And a warning - unless you really want this and put a recovery plan in place you will either fail now or relapse in the near future. All up to you.
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Hey GottaBstrong, thanks for the invite too, ;)

First off, you shouldn't be taking the w/d pills before the initial jump, your taking them on top of strong pills and this will send you in a spin for real, that's why you've had such a strong reaction to them. Please be careful with that my friend, try them once you've been clean for a day or two and you will find them more helpful.

Second, your in a very lucky position right now with your age, your still young enough to get through this and start a new life clean. Don't deny yourself this, trust me, you will regret it for the rest of your days, plus you are worth it!

Right down to the w/d. You are still young so exercise your arse off, you are trying to kickstart your mind and body to function without its crutch, so the more exercise you can do the quicker and better you will feel, it helps more than you could ever know, really push yourself. Drink water and plenty of it, you will become very dehydrated if you don't. Force feed yourself from the off, you will not want to eat, it's hard but it will bring you appetite back so much faster if you do. Just eat anything healthy you can get your hands on, bananas are a great help so get some in. A little at first then build it up over the weekend, trust me this is a biggie, it will help you turn the corner so much faster. Try to get some Imodium for the tummy troubles, they will quickly become your best friend, they help so much. Drop them as quick as you found them though, as soon as your able too ok. Lastly the Thomas recipe at the bottom of this page is so helpful so have a good read through that. Just remember natural things are always going to be the correct way forward so be mindful my friend.

I wish you a great ending to your semester and happy future, go get your life back you deserve it!
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Hey gottaBstrong. Welcome to the forum. I am on day 9 of a 20 plus a day Norco habit. Cold turkey for me!  No, I didnt do it alone!  I had all the great people on this forum and 2 kids to take care of at home!  (see it could be worse...lol). You have received great advice above. I would add hot baths with Epsom salt and a good attitude!  Your mindset can make the withdrawals much worse!  It isnt easy but it isnt as bad as your head thinks it will be!  It is very worth it!  Post here with questions or withdrawal symptoms and everyone will help you out!  They saved my life!  They can help save yours but you really got to want it!  Best of luck to you!  
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First of all congrartulations making it to day 8. I only hope I can be that strong. You are exactly right, I do not want to head out into the world with a pill problem. That is what I have been telling myself for the past few months. I really appreciate your advice and support thank you.
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I should have thought about taking the colonodine too quickly. I know you are right about mixing them with my other pills...I still scared myself so badly with them that I do not know if I will take them at all now. I got all of the ingredients for the thomas recipe immediately after reading you guys posts. I have taken about 10 mg. pills today, I was going to try and take way less to prepare myself for starting tomorrow but I didn't. I am extremely nervous about waking up tomorrow and not having my pill to take first thing and knowing I wont have it all day. It has become such a routine for me to take that pill. I know I need to do this. So think about me tomorrow and wish me luck. I will be updating my status. I greatly appreciate you taking them time to post such a long and helpful comment. I was afraid to post on here, but something just made me do it. I am glad I did. I know I am not alone.
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Thank you for the encouragement! I really hope your recovery goes well. Best of luck to you also.
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hey there....just wanted to lend my support....glad you go the supplies from the Thomas recipe...just remember you are doing a great and brave thing!!  when you wake up tmrw....just remember it's the first day of your CLEAN life!  you can do this...many many of us have and are continuing to stay strong.

And btw...i'm from MS too...i've been in FL almost 18 years now tho...i was born and raised around Amory....lol  small world eh?  

Keep posting when you need support....and you can always private message me if you need to talk!  we MS girls have to stick together!  lol  ;)
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Thanks so much for your post and support. It is a small world! I am not too far from Amory. I am just sitting her biting my nails thinking about tomorrow. I wish I could just distract myself from thinking about it right now.
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i'm sorry hon...try not to stress over it....just think of it as a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself....a few days of feeling bad is so worth it!  Just believe and trust in yourself....you are stronger than you think.  Do you still have access to any pills?  that will make it much harder to stay clean if you have access....i'm glad you have a few days off...that way you can just relax and not worry about anything but getting better....i promise if you stick with it, you will be so happy you did!!  
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I will be honest, I still have 10 pills in the drawer next to my bed. At first I got my pills from a dealer I knew of on the street, then he went to jail. My boyfriend never wanted to get me the pills because he did not want to aid my abuse, however, when my dealer went to jail, he began getting them for me because living together, he saw how sick I would be when I did not have them. Also, I would make him feel bad for me and manipulate him into getting them for me. He knows tomorrow is the day I stop for good. He has told me he will not get me the pills no matter how hard I beg and plead. I am too scared to get them on my own anymore because they have really cracked down on drug activity in my area..so I know that fear will keep me from going out and finding them. I certainly wont risk my school and future for 10 years in jail for the pills anymore. I should go flush the pills down the toilet right now. I don't know what is stopping me. Tomorrow is my day. I have to do it. I need to flush the pills. I know I do. Why do I still feel like holding on?
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Honey....flush those pills!  we love flushing parties around here!!  lol  i flushed my last 20 or so...i had to, when you are feeling bad they will just be there calling out to you....flush them now before you even thing about it...they aren't enough to even taper with..so i say get rid of them....i KNOW it's a scary thing...and it feels like a safety net right now...but if you don't do it now...when will you get another few days off to recoup?  so now is the time....If you take them, it's just prolonging it.  Go for it girl!  i wanna hear that swooshing sound!!  LOL  
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ughh I am going to try. Maybe I should just tell my boyfriend to do go do it, then it will really get done. I feel like such a loser. Who can't flush pills? I am so weak.
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Hello... you know, the worst part of quitting is all the THINKING we do before we quit. It will drive a person nuts! Just block off 5 days and jump. I must say that day 3 is the worst. Day 5 is much better. My life saver was a small little heating pad... the legs will really ache and that pad was a life saver. I also ate alot of ice cream and corn dogs. SOOOOO, stock-up on CORN DOGS!  Good luck and you can do it. 90% mental after day 5... 1-4 is sort of tough but kind of fun. Think of it as an adventure and have fun during the WD... I tried but it did not work for me... but, perhaps the "having fun" will work for you. We all react different to stopping pain meds. remember corn dogs... the frozen ones at Walmart in the 12 pack. GO DO IT!
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Your name says it all:  gottaBstrong......

I PROMISE you, if I had not gotten rid of my pills the day I determined to "be done"...I wouldn't be clean today...you can do this....no need for a backup plan if you are truly done...

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You could do that too!  as long as they are gone....and you are NOT a loser....it's a crutch that we have all had to let go of at some point....the addiction is telling you that you are weak....don't let it win.  Don't listen to it...if you don't flush them, you will want to take them when you feel bad.   I promise you, you can get thru this....
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I just read what you said about your boyfriend doing it....good idea

I asked my hubby to get rid of my pills...we live in the country...so he took my bottle(s) (soma AND hydros) with him in his truck and threw them out along the dirt road, into the brush, one pill at a time.  We probably had a lot of skunks and rabbits high around here...but at least not me....LOL
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Haha. I loved your post. I actually already have ice cream and frozen corn dogs. So i guess I am set!
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I like what you said if, "no need for a backup plan if you are truly done." I don't think I will truly be done until I wake up in the morning and my brain is still telling me I can do it. I have my plan all ready... I want this really bad.. but I am still holding on to the pills mentally.
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So I have everything prepared to be as comfortable as possible the next few days so I can get through this. I have given my boyfriend the pills to get rid of, so I no longer have access. I feel a positive attitude right now. My boyfriend, who i hardly ever see cry just came in crying telling me how proud he is of me for deciding to do this on my own because he never pushed me to do anything I wasn't ready to do. That just showed me that I do have someone who really cares for me and just knowing that I need to be the 100% best me I can be. I cannot be that with the pills. I hope I wake up in the morning with this same positive attitude. Now --I feel ready.
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damn! i am so mad at myself.. i just started thinking and thinking...my brain was rolling.. and i started googling things. I started reading about how dangerous it is going off of hydrocodone cold turkey and having seizures. is this true?
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No it is not true unless you have an underlying health issue. I am 11 days cold turkey off 20 plus hydros a day!  Keep up the good attitude that you can do this!  Your belief in yourself will go a long way!  Keep posting for support!  You can do this!
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Do you have any medical issues? I am not a doctor but I have not heard of anyone having seizures off c/t hydrocodone if they are healthy. There are other drugs that can cause you to have seizures c/t like tramadol and benzos.  Maybe someone will come on that has more knowledge of this?
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Seizures are not a concern when detoxing from opiates unless you have a medical condition. It is actually safe to go cold turkey. Most people experience a little high (or sometimes low) blood pressure and all the flu like symptoms. Nothing that is dangerous though. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, any heart condition, or any other chronic health issue it's best to discuss your plans with your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough for this. If not, go for it and stick to your plan come hell or high water. Don't let your addict brain trick you with excuses for why you can't quit right now. Believe me, it will try to do so. Remember that there are thousands of reasons to quit, but it only takes one excuse to continue using. Cut those sources for sure. I can guarantee if you don't, they will come back and bite you. We have all been there and there always comes a weak moment where we are desperate.Once you quit, let us know what symptoms you are having and we can help you with suggestions for things that might give you some relief.  Please stick around and keep posting. We are here for you and want to see you do this! Good luck to you and please take care of yourself.
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