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this is the post I will stick with

ok day 5 is starting. 1 of the other members said I should try to stick with the same post so I'm easyier to find & i can keep track on whats going on with me .I think that was a great Idea. not much sleep last night : ( but it will come mood is ok still a litttle weepy but that geting better. not as anxious. thank The Gods. my spelling seem to be a bit off lol please forgive me the words don't look right.right know i think I'm going to wash my face , pull my hair back turn my mps player on & take my dog for a walk.... Just have to do it without the litttle 1's seeing me can't deal with the whole bunch right now need. some calming music nice walk so I can put my game face on thats what I need. I'll be back : )
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hey, enjoy the walk with your dog :)
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Hi Mary, Happy Today. Just keep keeping on. Don't expect anything from anyone. Take it easy on yourself. hugs, ~Lindsay
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Hey Mary,

I'm with you on the "no sleep" thing.  It's horrible.  Try not to toss and turn.  Give yourself a time-limit to fall asleep when you're trying.  I usually give myself an hour.  Don't get frustrated when it happens.  Frustrated NEVER sleeps.  Get up, watch tv, come here and post, read a book....ANYTHING.  If you feel tired, close your eyes and it may come.

You're doing really good and getting out is a great idea,


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day 6 wow.day 6 still here slept last night sweats not as bad. saw my ex husband yesterday . my kids wanted to see him after years of not seeing him. put my warpaint on & away we went shaking all the way . but I did it I did it without a pill : ) my poor husband now. I know he's waiting for this to get really bad but It hasn't I'm doing some really hard things with some strenth ,I'm socking myself. & am greatful for this forum & love of a great man. today is a good day!!!!!!!!!!
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