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I see many ppl thanking medhelp and members for their compassion, patience, and help and sitting on 70 days or so I can't help but think of the first 20 days off methadone when I had no one to talk to or bounce ideas off or even just feel some commonality with another human. Unbelievable the difference it made. I still log on few times a week but don't say much and still gain strength from people's gains and see personal revelations from people's struggles.
My heart goes out to everyone in those early days. It is such a mental/physical struggle.
I owe everyone that has posted since january a big thank you! Wouldn't have made it 20 days, never mind 70+ days,without you and ill never forget that!
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Just continue to keep moving forward.  Dont be a stranger!
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Congrats! On your hard won 70+. Keep up the great work.
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I feel the same way, and remember your post from months ago.  Congrats on the 70+ days!  What an accomplishment
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Congrats on 70+days!!!!
Sara is right, when you get time come back on and share your strength with others.  I would love to hear what you have done to keep yourself clean and how life is going for you.
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Way to go !!!! Great job comming off the beast..You come back and jump in.....
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Congrats on your clean days!!  I too am free from the beast. 15 days for me and I agree this forum has literally helped me ev step of the way!!
Awesome job!!!! Congrats
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Congrats on 70+!
Your words are helping others too.
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I doubt I'm going anywhere yet. I need to keep things moving as they are for now. Not gonna mess with what's working. And if there is anything I can pass on to help anyone just a little bit or give a little hope it means a lot to me too. I got this one in the beg now. Cocky maybe but I'm a fence away from my dealer and clean 72 days. My conviction is absolute!
Truth is life has improved so much in 72 days its not funny. Better relationships with loved ones, clearer picture of what I want in life and having your daughter say to you that she loves how you spend so much time with her is priceless.
Worth every second of the suffering of withdraw! Easy to say now and didn't see it quite that way then but it was the best decision I've ever made!
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