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This question I am going to ask my be taken as an excuse however it is not. A few days ago my girlfriends mother passed away. We have a less than thriving relationship but it was during these few days that made me very aware of my addiction to vicodin-I am not sure why. Today when I got home from work more of her family had arrived and will be staying about a week. Not only is my relationship a struggle but it has now compounded the struggle. Today is the day I became a member of this site and I have had wonderful support-I started my withdrawal and now based on the above I am wondering if I should postpone my recovery until family members have left?
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No, do not postpone it. Tell them, you're sorry but you've come down with the flu. If you postpone this now, you may not get the incentive back to get clean for a long time. Make your apologies and Disappear into the bedroom, and start the process.
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It is going to be difficult.  I went through the same thing last year.  I had a major addiction to ambien and hydros.  My father passed away on new years day and it was more than I could handle.  I gave it all up on January 5th.  The day after his funeral and everyone had left.  Sooner is always better than later, but you have to look at how you will have the best success.  If it will help to wait a few days, there is no shame in that.  You do what will help you become clean.

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Seems like you are trying to do this by yourself.  TELL SOMEONE!  I am on day four and without the support of my husband I would fail.  I just found this site as well and from what I am reading the ones that did this with the help of their spouse or loved one got through it. I am weaning myself off.  My husband gives me my does every 6 hours.  If he is at work he hides my next dose and calls me and tells me where I can find it.  If I had control over the meds I would have never made it.  My WD is horrible and if I had control over the pills I would take them.  Not for the high but to make me feel better.  Now that my body is addicted to pills I can see where people go wrong.  If the WD were not so bad more people would get off of it.  Keep going!  Don't quit.  There is never a good time to go through this.  I have young children and I decided on Monday enough was enough.  Even though Christmas was coming in two days and all my family were in.  I am weaning off so the WD are not as bad but they still suck!  Four days ago I was on 25mg of fentanyl and 8 to 10,  10 mg of vicodin a day.  Plus oral Fentanyl whenever the pain was bad.  Now I am down to four a day without a patch   YOU CAN DO IT!  I will be going on 4 a day for 4 days and then 3 a day for 4 days and so on.  I am still feeling WD but not so bad.  

When I fist got on the meds I was in pain a lot.  I would fight taking pills until I really needed them.  But when I started seeing a pain specialist and she would give me a big supply every month I would not find other methods to help stop the pain like I used to.  I just popped a pill.  I don't even know if my pain is really that bad or I am just so used to taking a pill for every little twitch in my flank area (due to passing stones and my kidney being filled up with them).  NO MORE!  I can do this without the pills.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When I look at the end of the tunnel I see Jesus holding out his hands and I see the old me from two years ago cheering me on.  My kids and husband need their mommy and wife back.  Your girlfriend needs you back.  When you’re on drugs everything seems off and everything in your life gets bad.  It is a vicious circle.  That is probably why you think you and your girlfriend are on the outs.  Wait until you are clean before you make a decision that can change your life.  GET YOU BACK FIRST!

Good luck
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only you can know when the times right
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You have it all wrong.  I have been clean from hydros for over 200 days and on January 5th it will be a year from the Ambien.  My husband was the driving force in my recovery.  I couldn't have done it without his love and support.  I have been on this forum for 7 months and have written many journal entries about my recovery.  I wasn't able to taper, just not my style.  I had to do it all cold turkey.  I have done amazing and I am so proud of myself.  

The hiding pill thing works great.  Read my journals, that is what we did back in February of 08 to get me through a root canal.
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