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tinnitus and medication

I had a spinal fusion about 2 years ago. My remaining discs are all hernited now as well. I have been taking lorcet 10/650 6-8 a day and now am on oxycontin 40 mg.2-day. I also am cutting back off serezone 200 mg. also pravechol for choleterol. My problem is for about a month my ears are painful and constant roar and ringing. That's about the time I started the serezone and pravchol. Could any or all of thes meds be causing this problem. I feel like i'm going crazy. I'm 43 today and feel like tossing in the towel. PLEASE HELP!!!
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Yes, tinnitis can be a side effect of medications. You're on a lot, but I've never heard of serzone or the cholesterol med causing tinnitis.

There is some evidence that long term and high dose use of narcotics can cause both tinnitis and hearing loss. Even though I've been clean for 7 months, I still have tinnitis from the narcotics I was on, and a hearing test I took showed moderate hearing loss, that has so far been irreversable.

Have you discussed it with your doctor yet? It's a good idea to do a search on "vicodin and hearing loss" on the net, and print out the research you find to take to your doc. My Doc had not heard of this until I showed him the research. He then followed up and discovered more research that substantiated this theory.

All I know is my hearing definately is damaged, and there is no other way to account for it other than my long term, high dose use of vicodin, and vicoprofen. I believe oxy can also cause it. It has to do with high doses overloading the narcotic receptors that are in the tiny hair fibers in the ears. Once they are damaged, that's it..they can't regenerate.

I don't mean to scare you, but do talk to your doc about it!

take care,
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I get a kind of ringing in my ears if the tv or stereo is too loud.  I'm on oxycontin 80 mg tid and 20 mg in addition to the 80 mg on the last dose of the day. (260 mg daily)  I also take remeron 45 mg at bedtime.  It is an anti-depressant that also helps with nerve pain.
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Its funny you brought up hearing loss, well not funny, but I heard that the other day from someone I know, thats kind of weird, but your explanation helped out.  Maddogmmm don't ever say you want to throw in the towel, we need people like yourself to keep posting, I need you to keep posting because I am currently going through a bad state of depression.  I can relate to your problem, although i'm not on all the same medication, I was taking close to 200mg of oxy a day plus vicodin here and there, basically what ever was around....I got started when my doctor was giving me scripts for 90 vic's with 3 refills.  He handed them to me like it was candy, I even called him on a fri. night and he called it in to the pharmacy.  At the time I loved him, now I have grown to hate him. He definitely knew I had a problem and was a very good aid in helping me destroy my life. Now its up to US to pick up the pieces and try like hell to move forward.  I was clean for almost a month and now during this past week I have taken atleast 40mg a day, if not 80.  I cried my eyes out last night because I am so sick of my own excuses, the stress, the depression, the lying and most of all hurting loved ones, especially my girlfriend(she has no clue about any of this) I have made the decision that if I cannot get any methadone by sat. I will self admit into a detox facility, most likely a hospital in the area. I'm telling you this in hopes you will realize that there are plenty of people in the same position and that we are all having a hard time with this.  We are here for you.  Keep your head up and stay strong because if you can do it, I can do it, and god knows right now I feel like I'm fading away.  

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Today was my first time on this board although i've read it often and been scared silly by what i've read. what would happen if i stopped everything cold today. Screw the pain in my cervical spine I would rather deal with the pain then all of these side effects. Until 11/99 when I had my cervical fusion I had never taken ANYTHING!! Now I feel like my whole life is consumed by meds. and side effects. I'm done like dinner emotionally and physically. Would quitting all be to hard to do at once?? I'm real close to giving up. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!
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i have been quite concerned for you the past several days! would
you do domething for me? keep posting on a regular basis weather
you are useing,detoxing, or doing great. the mother hen in me can
really start to clucking with worry whn i don't here from regular
keep an angel on your shoulder
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I truly wish you luck in getting to where you want to be.  But, don't in any way blame the docs for you being where you are.  You have to take responsibility for what you have done.  You put yourself where you are.  He didn't force them down your throat.  I am in the same boat as anyone else here.  I have been reading your posts for quite some time.  I know how passionate you are to achieve sobriety and I wish I could just snap my fingers and make you straight, but I can't.  But, I will be here for you just like any of the others here.  Hang in there!
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I have a severe arthitic condition and have been on NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-infammitory) since was 25, now 37.  These can cause tinnitus which can drive you nuts. Been there many many times.  You should talk to your doc like WW said and figure out which one is doing it and adjust.  Don;t go cold turkey on everything and throw the baby out with the bathwater-so to speak.

Mrmichael - I agree with you 1/2 way on who's responsible for getting us addicted.  Its a 2 way street. The doc's have a responsibility to explain just what the dangers are when taking narcotics and then monitor when we start going for refill after refill.  A medical screw during a common heart cath by a  cardiologist messsed me up and caused severe nerve damage. His answer was percocet and oxy.  I had no idea what these drugs were at the time, all I knew is I was in agony and needed anything to kill the pain.  No caution, no explainations, no nothing.  They have responsibility to explain what we are messing with, had they done that, I just might not be where I am today.  YES, I take responsibility for my addiction.  Its my fault. But I didn't get here by myself.  Nod

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Pleasae guys i need aserious help im up to 180 mg of oxy a day and its  climbing i cant control  myself any more please please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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I don't know what to tell you, except that I understand what you are going through, and I will add you to my prayers.... Just remember one thing: THERE IS HOPE -- No matter what pain and struggle you are going through right now. No matter how disappointed you may be in yourself. No matter how far you have fallen into the rut of addiction. THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU! You don't have to be religious to ask for it. Close your eyes, try to think of NOTHING. Feel the absolute peace in that thought. Say [Speak] out loud "Thank you." for your life. It doesn't matter if you believe you are talking to God, or whatever you may call your higher power. Life in itself is the ultimate high; I am just realizing this fact.

Just take baby steps for now. cut back on your OXYs even if just by a few milligrams per day. THERE IS HOPE.

Godspeed to you
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I appreciate your concern, I need someone to look after me, god knows I haven't been.  So this is where I am.  This past week was a full blown relapse. I have taken atleast 40mg of oxy a day, actually the last 3 days I was at 80mg. Its been awful and very scary as well. Im not on anything today, actually I'm getting 20 mg of methadone, I cut it up into about 5mg pieces, maybe a little less. It worked well for me in the past, but I'm without a doubt not depending on that because I know better now. Its the mental withdrawal that I will have to survive. I have to say skipper your sense of worry is right on target because I'm in an awful position right now. Yesterday I was at work feeling great(for the moment), I was doing everything, now today I'm just sitting at work sournded by normal people who do this every day......... I would be lying if I said Im not scared. I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks again kip, I greatly appreciate it.

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Do you know how much methadone it would take to cover a 100 mg Oxy habit?  Just for detox, not maintenance.

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Well, I hade 160mg a day and I had a 5 day detox with methadone, I think I took 10mg the first day, then 5mg the 2nd, and 5mg again on the 3rd, then the last 2 days I took about 2.5mg a day. That was enough to make it almost painless, unfortunately I was not strong enough to deal with the depression that follows.....However, METHADONE IS NOT GOOD FOR EVERYONE, I used it because I didn't take it to feel high, I took barely enough to keep my head on straight during detox. as everyone knows there are plenty of people addicted to Methadone.  Anyway, I only need 1 40mg pill. besides, I wouldn't advise getting a lot of methadone and having it in your possession, it makes for a new and improved habit........I hope all is well, because I am F%$*ing miserable. good luck!

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Skipper I need your help.  I took 40mg today and I'm in high hopes that it will be the last for a long time.  Right now I have 4 5mg pills of methadone, however, they are VERY VERY WEAK, I don't mean weak as in the don't get me high, thats not what there for.  What I mean is that they don't help with withdrawal.  In anycase, that is why I am going to get 20-40mg of the regular, "wafer" or methadone pill.  The thing is I buy them from my dealer.  I haven't heard from him today, I'm starting to wonder if he will get back to me, and if he does, will he sell them to me?  These last few days, I have been in severe depression and now its getting worse because I keep thinking about how I let myself slip and wondering if i will ever gain control of my life again.  I really wanted to kill myself last night, I can't take it anymore. I have let everyone down, especially myself, I feel worthless, like I"m absolutely nothing.  I'm so scared that I won't get the methadone.  I understand I can do it without it, but I would rather do it with it because I still have to come to work. I need a lot of support kip, for the first time in my life I really don't feel like being around anymore, not if I keep living like this. Please help guide me back to where I can go on living.

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well i'ld say that if you weren't a junky before, you sure are
now. first of all, slow down. it sounds like the dollys (meth-
adone tablets) you scored aren't the real thing (hey it wouldn't
be the first time someone got over on any of us). now as far as
the 40 mg wafer...maybe, maybe not. i've been out on the end of
the stick before...sometimes left hanging and sometimes miracles
happen...it's a **** shoot. ok if your worried, start looking for
some darvon or darvocet. the last detox i did with darvon. so...
3tablets X 3 times a day (day 1)
2tablets X 3 times a day (day 2)
1tablet X 3 times a day (day 3)
1 tablet X 2 times a day (day 4)
1 tablet at bedtime  (day 5)

ok this won't make you 100%, but it is doable. also get some kind
of benzo for night time.

START RIGHT NOW -that way you will be in shape for work Monday.
get on the L-tyrosine, zink, magnesium, manganes, & B6. plan on
laying low for the weekend. i started a detox last saturday and
i felt good enough to go to church on the next day! i can't pro-
mise it will work out as well for you, but it's worth a try.

Propoxiphene (darvon) is a very weak and distant cousion of meth-
adone, so don't laugh this one off!! frankly i was amazed at how
well it worked for me.

if the weather is good, take some really long walks this weekend.
RELAX: getting yourself in a snit will only make it worse. don't
get all freaked out and start running around looking for oxy or
methadone...keep your head, use the brain the gods gave you. if
you do do this cold, you may be in good enough shape by monday.
so start the detox today, no matter what.

you might try several puffs of canabus (if you can get your hands
on any thats worth a ****). this won't take the edge off, but it
will keep things moving along and intresting.

best of luck. i will be around the computer today and tomarrow.
sunday i will be gone most of the day.

now about this suicide business... your to ******* young and
intelegent. suicide in most cases is the ultimate act of selfish-
ness. i helped relatives of my stepson clean his father's brains
and blood off the basement floor. there were no words that could
describe my anger and disgust! there were no words of comfort for
my stepson or his father's family. a few years later i got real
close to suicide myself. to this day i'm still ******* disgusted
with myself. for a bad time that goes away in 10 days to a month-
suicide is not an acceptable option!!

so... lets make the best of it, weather your connection comes
through with that wafer of dolly! as much as any of us ever liked
oxy, it just isn't worth even playing with the death card!

for crying out loud get an angel on your shoulder

ps: you beter post to me!
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This is my first visit to this site, and I identify with most of your comments.  I am very concerned with you, GWH.  YOU WILL MAKE IT  THROUGH THIS.  I had to check myself into detox, and with clonodine patch, robaxin, and visteril my detox was relatively painless compared to the times I tried on my own.  Going to get help is the first step.  You have admitted that you are powerless over opiates, and that your life is unmanageable.  Now, you can ask for help.  I thought I was "weak" and not trying hard enough to quit, but after getting help at a rehab facility, I realized that my problem was much bigger than me, and I couldn't go it alone. Now, about Methadone.  I don't think it is for everyone.  Be aware that Naltrexone is a viable option.  Find a Psychiatrist that can give you the pros and cons of both Methadone and Naltrexone.  Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors in your brain, and pretty much takes care of the cravings. It also prevents you from getting a buzz from any opiate.  HOWEVER, taking even one Lorecet, Oxy, codeine,etc. while on Naltrexone can result in respiratory depression, coma, and death.  So, if you commit to Naltrexone, it is just that, a commitment.  Has anyone else been on Naltrexone?  I would like to hear your experiences.  So far, so good for me.  I think we as addicts feel that we got ourselves into this mess, so we need to get ourselves out of it, by ourselves.I have been trying to get myself off of my 10 to 15 a day Lorecet 10/650 for at least five years, and finally admitted defeat.  I am on two antidepressants that really helped only briefly because the opiate induced depression was stronger than the antidepressants.  I have actually been able to drop one dose of antidepressants and have been pretty up most of the time.  In a nutshell, GWH, and everyone else out there, from my experience, this battle you are fighting is way bigger than you.  Stop, take alot of deep breaths, forget your pride, and ask for help. Detoxing in a rehab facility is a very humbling experience. Remember, the place or person you go to for helpthe first time may not be the right treatment for you, but hang in there, there is always someone else.  There is a force much larger than all of us put together that is ready to step in if we just make room.  
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I was under the impression that gwh had partied before he was prescribed anything.  I agree with what you said as far as someone who doesn't know what he's being prescribed.  But, if you partied with the stuff before and just happened to get hurt or injured, then I don't see how the doc can be blamed.
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hi there...i am so sorry you are feeling the way you do.  for awhile there, you were sounding very positive - that is the way this addiction thing goes tho - many, many ups and downs.  please please do not do anything else to harm yourself. being a drug addict is like a slow death...to me it's like gradual suicide.  i can't even tell you how many times i've tried (and failed) to stop.  addicts (me anyhow) seem to live on guilt - please try to stop beating yourself up.  you are one step ahead of so many addicts - you know you have a problem, and you are working on recovery - you think about it every day.  you will make it - you just need support...real, live people.  the forum is great, but you need to rub elbows with people - people who are going thru what you are.  that advice was given to me, and it was so important...we think we can do it alone, but most people cannot - it's nothing to be ashamed of - i'm sorry for rambling....i enjoy reading your posts, and they've been so positive in the recent past...let's see if we can get you back there - trial and error honey...we are only human.
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Sorry you are feeling so miserable.
I will be right beside you soon, so maybe we can be 'miserable' together.
You started at only 10 mg per day with methadone, wow, that's low.
I'm surprised, i thought 50 mgs was usually the norm for starting out with a detox.
I tried methadone once and was sick for 3-days.  I will be detoxing soon within the week, and i might try methadone again.  It's about the only thing i have a chance of getting a hold of to detox.  I know people that swear by using it to detox.
Good luck, and remember, keep up the vitamins.  When the body is depleted, we feel even worse!!!
Good luck!!!
Lv Jenny
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Thank you so much for all your support, I have been miserable all weekend and I haven't been able to function.  Yesterday, I took 8 vicoden, I took 2 pills, at four different times during the day.  Today, I have only taken 2, I have 7 pills left plus the 4 5mg methadones.......... I plan on taking 2 more vicodin tonight and going through hell for the next few days.  I am so lightheaded, dizzy, exhausted etc.  right now.  I am in full blown withdrawal, the only good thing is that my leg isn't shaking as bad, but I'm going to do it.  And the only reason why I'm gonna do it is because of you all.  Especially you skipper, you have been a huge inspiration to me and I will never forget that.  I started taking the zinc, 5htp, l-tyrosine and they seem to be helping a little bit.  Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great easter.  I"m absolutely miserable.......... physically that is, but I'm feeling great because I know I'm truely on the road to recovery, and I refuse to take no for an answer.  You guys are incredible, thank you so much for everything.  

P.S - the vicodin are just enough to keep me sane, they keep my leg from going crazy, although they don't really do much else, I don't feel anything from them, I wonder whY? but that is a good thing.  Well I have to run, I will talk to you more later on. Good luck today!! Happy holidays.

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so, you've been miserable all weekend? i truly am sorry to hear
that. perhaps you might have felt somewhat beter if you had
posted to the forum several times (that assumes you have acesss
to a computer at home). get off the hydro as soon as possiable.
you might try (as i suggested) darvon or darvocet. both of these
drugs have a very low potential for addiction.

i was starting to worry about you after all the crazy **** you
were talking last friday!!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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I am glad to see you back! I was getting really worried about you.  Hang in there; you talk about how supportive others are for you, but you have to realize that you are often the first to respond and help to most that post for the first time here.  You have been extremely supportive to others and we need you too! Keep going and do the best you can... post here a lot and let us know how you are.
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Well, I'm at work, most of my friends are at opening day for the Red Sox, I couldn't even imagine going into public and having to enjoy a game, I am sitting at work in my cube just keeping to myself.  I had 6 hydros yesterday, it wasn't even worth it, It didn't do a godamn thing. Now today I took 5mg of that god awful methadone. I'm SO COLD!! and my stomach is killing me, i'm sure my leg will act up real soon. I feel like I got to work without  being awake, I was just moving forward but I am still not mentally here.  I feel completely isolated from the rest of the world, I think that is a good thing considering how I look and feel.  Anyway, I have to start my day at work, I will be posting OFTEN, during the day, talk to you all soon, thank you so much, you really do mean a lot to me!.

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How ya doing now?
I work in an office too, luckily not around people for the most part, but still, i'm stuck between 4 walls all day.
I tried detox within this space once, and thought i would go crazy.  
Get up often, walk around, get some water from the water cooler, the longer you sit in your own little world, the worst you will feel.
Running, like you do, is the best.  Move around, get those endorphines moving, they will kick in before too long and you will feel better and better.  
Stay close so we can all help you help yourself and stay clean after you get over the hump!!!!
Good luck!
Lv Jenny
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I saw you had posted about your experience with opiods and your subsequent hearing loss. is there any way you could give me more info on your experiences. i'm 28, just got off opiods (vicodin and percocet) after about two years straight, and stopped immediately when i heard a crackling sound develop in my left ear when i swallow. that sound has spread to both ears now and the left ear seems particluarly sensitive and occasionally full. i had my hearing checked and it seems o.k...... for now. i just wanted to know if you had these same symptoms and a little more info on you or anyone else's experiences. many thanks.
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