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tmi, i know but...

At first I was having the runs like 10 a day! But yesterday and today im constipated as hell- what's going on here? Also I know yall recommend some thing that gives u energy  called T something but I take wellbutrin and lamictol so im worried about the side effects but I need energy, im going crazy!
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Did you overdo the Imodium??  It may be you are needing more liquids.  I found the Ltryosine caused me too much anxiety, but everyone is different.
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awww sweetie im the same eat some fruit my energy is all over the place force yaself to move huni xoxoxoxoxo
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try magnesium citrate..2 bucks any store,,,, taste like soda. ...but  take 12 hours before work.....to play it safe....
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I had the same issue a while back! Drink lots of water and yes some fruit! It only lasted a couple of days! Then I was back to normal!!
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Talk with your doctor or pharmacist and ask them if it will be okay to take this.  We want you to be safe here.
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