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to much pain

hi..i am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child...the first pregnancy went completely perfect but thys one so much is goin wrong..recently i started having serious pain on my vagina and when i looked one lip was swollen and there was a hard lump underneath.. so i went to the e.r and they said its a bartholin cyst and it has to b popped and drained..but they said i have to scedule an appt..so they sent me home on antibiotics and they gave me about 20 oxycodone to help with the pain. so i took the pain medicine and everyone said its not safe but that doesnt help with the pain either..it hurts so bad to even walk..is taking that medicine safe for the baby? and does anyone kno how i can stop or ease the pain?? it hurts bad.
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If you are taking 20 as directed then you will be fine . Putting a warm wash cloth on the area can help.sometimes they will drain on there own .I have had one and the pain really for me was not that bad buts its in no way  fun but the pain wont last long .good luck take then pills as directed it will be fine.
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It is safe to take that small amount of oxycodone as directed, but if it's not helping with the pain don't take them. Try avisg advise and put a hot wash rag on the area make the wash rag warm as you can stand it that will cause the cyst to form a head and it may pop on it's own. As soon as it pops the pain will go away. Plus the antibotics will help some with the swelling and pain and make it for a head and it will probably pop on it's own . Also If you have a sitz bath sit on that with very warm water.

What I did when I had one is that I sterilized a needle and popped the cyst myself. I don't recommend this for you though your very pregnant and probably can't see your feet much less your woo hoo.
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does it hurt wen it pops?? thats wat im scared of..puttin the rag on hurts a lot but im scared when it pops its going to hurt badly.
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It did not hurt when it broke it was relief honestly
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are the antobotics helping?
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Doesn't hurt at all when it pops. Just think of it like this it's really just a big pimple that just happens to be on your woo hoo. When it pops the pain will go away.
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