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tough decision

i went to the hospital yesterday with crazy pains in my lower back and found out i have kidney stones, the dr prescribed me tec (5mg of oxy) and 325 aspirin. I just quit oxi's about 16 days ago cold turkey and wondering if i take these for the pain if im just going to end up in the same place.... i took 2 this morning for the pain but immediately regretted it because i thought that would ruin all the clean time.. someone advice?? plzzz
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i know kidney stones are painful because i have seen my ex suffer with them several times but, did you tell the doctor about your past history of abusing the oxy's? maybe he could have come up with something else to prescribe you instead of a narcotic.
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Hi there,
I just read your story and I had kidney stones myself a few years ago (36 now) and yes it's very painful BUT I would be very careful about taking something you're body already knows and LOVES!! I was a Tramadol addict (pain killer) and my dentist perscribed me this med after only 5 days off cold turkey and I said NO!!!
Please be carefull! You don't want to suffer the way you did when you quit!
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Kidney-stones... the story of my life. They are truly the bane of my existence, and a large part of the reason I'm even here talking to you (although if it hadn't presented itself that way, I'm sure I'd be here for some other reason... after all, I am what I am. An ADDICT!).

Whenever I'm in the ER with a stone, and they release me with meds, my first stop is the wife and handing over my Rx to her control. She controls when I get them, and how many I get. I'm 500 days'ish into my recovery, and have been in the hospital 10-15 since getting clean, and in all that time, I've taken numerous narcotics, but NONE of them have been under my control.

Get your meds into someone's hands that you trust to distribute them to you in a controlled manner. Best advice I can give.

Take it from me... I'm a kidney-stone/pain/recovery expert!

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Yes!  Listen to LMNO.

Kidney stones are Painful!   Have someone hold your pills and dole them out to you. You've got to cover that pain so don't feel guilty. This is what we have to do because sometimes we need pain relief. Don't worry and feel better!!
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I agree with the others.  Have someone else hold your pills for you.       sara
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I'm with everyone else above. I have chronic pain along with many others on the forum. There were so many times where I thought I could control my intake this time around. It didn't take long when I was right back to where I started. The only way an addict will be able to take them responsibly is by having someone else hold on to them. It has to be someone that knows about your addiction and someone that won't give in to the begging and pleading if for some reason you want to take more than prescribed.

As addicts we will all have situations in life where we will need pain meds for a legitimate reason. If we take the proper steps we can still be in recovery even while controlling our pain with narcotic pain meds. We all need some sort of protocol for situations like this. If we follow that protocol everything will work out just fine.

So you have someone that can trust to hold on to them for you?
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Just because you're an addict, it doesn't mean you have to suffer.

Get your meds into someone else's hands, and take the control away from yourself. As addicts, 'control' is our biggest downfall. We want what we want, when we want it, in whatever quantity we want it in.

That control needs to be removed from the equation.
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i decided to give them to my neighbour to hold on and only give me 3 at the most a day... they dont do anything anyway.. i mean i was doing 200 of oxy up my nose a day. so im almost inclined not to even take anymore.... it just hurts like a $%^&* and makes me want to make calls for relief...
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