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tram w/d

today is day 4 off tram. Yesterday w/d wasn"t too bad. some muscle spasms in afternoon and runny nose sneezing. but I went to the gym in the morning, and a barbeque late afternoon.  came home early fell asleep by 9pm. woke up every 2 hrs. intense anxiety , tremors irritability, , chest pain restless,neck and back pain, sore throat from increased post nasal drip....this was like day one all over again. i finally gave in to taking an ativan and went back to sleep. I woke up just a little while ago.  my neck is killing me(original reason for being on this **** in the first place) and have mild spasms in my back.  question--- does tram w/d come  and go for a while before it dissapears completely . I was only on tram for 2 ms steady (300mg/dayto200mg /day 150mg day and when I got to 100mg idecided ti quit).but on stronger opiates for 3 years (fentanyl, hydros). will this come and go for a while...OR IS THIS TRAMS LAST DICTH EFFORT TRYING TO CALL ME BACK.  it has been 7 ms of detox and i just want to feel better--
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From reading other posts here it seems that the tram wd do come and go for awhile.  Hopefully avis will be on today and she will be able to tell you what to expect.

Congrats on the 4 days!!!  Keep hanging in there!!!         sara

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Yes that's all normal the more exercise you get better you eat and if possible get a magnesium calcium supplement they can help too.
That's one of the problems with tram its a synthetic opiate lots of people down play it and the wd saying "it cant be that bad and it cant be that addicting. Yes it can and it is .For lots of people the WD is worse then "stronger" opiates.
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keep going. you will be so much better free of it!!
I agree with Avis, Calcium helps with anxiety. There is a supplement you can drink called Calm. Might give it a try.
you are doing a great thing by doing this and it WILL get better!
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Good Morning and congratulations on day 4 :) I have found when going through wd my old injury's reared their heads especially my back.. but with a lil time even these mellowed.. You are doing so well.. just keep reminding yourself this is only temporary.. You have worked very hard for your Freedom and I'm so darn Happy and Proud of you.. Keep on keeping on and soon this will be behind you.. Take care.. lesa
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